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Post-Workout Recovery Socks are a Thing and Parásole by Fly Kytin Is the Best of Them

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Hiking season has just begun in the Keweenaw Peninsula of Michigan, which means rare wildflowers, thundering waterfalls, and steep trails made even more tricky thanks to lake-sized puddles, muddy sinkholes, and washed-out ascents.

These conditions make a good, reliable hiking boot necessary, and a good recovery sock even more so. Wait…

What is a Recovery Sock?

We’re glad you asked.

It’s a sock designed to soothe and restore your sore, swollen feet after a hard day’s workout. Often designed with compression technology and anatomically specific footbeds, these socks act like a traveling foot massage, pressing in all the right areas of your foot, ankle, and toes to relieve aches and pains. They’re also amazingly breathable, so your feet can “breathe” while staying warm and protected.

We recently got the chance to try an especially innovative version. Parásole, by Portland-based company Fly Kytin, is the world’s first 3D recovery sock with arch support and micro cushioning.

Unlike standard compression socks, Parásole recovery socks feature a soft but supportive insole as well as the protection and traction of an outsole. Not only do they relieve foot fatigue and tissue stress, but they also help adapt the natural curves of your feet to the hard flat ground around you. We also like that the performance yarn and the silicone sole, in addition to being super comfortable, are 100% recyclable

Parásole was first launched as a Kickstarter campaign last summer and had the distinction of finishing in the platform’s top 1%. It also generated $200,000 in revenue before completely selling out on Indiegogo.

Not only do they relieve foot fatigue and tissue stress, but they also help adapt the natural curves of your feet to the hard flat ground around you.

Along with being perfect for recovery after a demanding day on the trail, Parásole are the perfect socks for travel. The protective cushioned footbed lets you safely dash between airport terminals, and the dual-layer diamond compression gets to work restoring circulation once you land in your seat. We also love them for practicing yoga when a mat isn’t available—not only does the sole provide wonderful traction against the floor, but it turns each asana transition into a mini foot-rub. And if you’re used to wearing orthotics in your work shoes, trade them out for a pair of Parásoles and you’ll turn that workday trudge into a light-as-a-feather stride that will make people wonder if you secretly got a raise.

Even those with bunions, fallen arches, and other gnarly foot issues will love these breathable, anatomically targeted recovery socks. And clumsy types will appreciate how the high-traction sole protects against skidding and slipping on hard flooring as well as carpet. (Fun fact: The inspiration for Parásole came in part from the co-founder taking a spill while wearing his favorite socks around the house.)

Check out these revolutionary recovery socks on their newly launched website, and see how this simple twist in sock technology could change your life.

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