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Giveaway: A Sophisticated $500 Briefcase to Make Your Coworkers Jealous

Riley Young and Chris DeGraw/The Manual

Every man should own at least one really good leather briefcase.

We hear what you’re thinking. Aren’t briefcases mostly used by past-their-prime office drones and destructive Wall Street types?

Yes, but also no.

Briefcases, especially leather briefcases, have been a business man’s best accessory since their invention in the early 19th century (not counting its predecessor, the satchel, which was developed around the 14th century). Briefcases not only hold all your briefs — i.e. business documents — but today can often hold your tablet, laptop, smartphone, e-reader, headphones, and more. But we all know you can just as easily carry those things around in a good looking backpack or even a messenger bag, so why carry a briefcase at all?

Appearances, man.

Carrying a good-looking leather briefcase is an instant shot in the style arm that indicates to everyone that you’re not only a man of power, prestige, and style, but that you also mean, well, business. While we would love to say that in the future the notion that a man carrying a briefcase isn’t a man in a position of power just because he’s carrying a briefcase, we can’t give you any guarantees. And, because it kind of actually seems like briefcases are here to stay, we want to offer you, loyal reader, the opportunity to own one without spending a single dime, so that you can gain the appearance of prestige and power (and maybe even actually possess it, too).

The Manual is giving away a Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase to one lucky reader.

Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase

The Gladstone Leather Briefcase from Pad & Quill is made from American-sourced, full-grain leather with a herringbone patterned fabric lining. It features a wide hinged opening (like an old-school doctor’s bag), making it easy to access everything inside. And speaking of inside, this case features a 15-inch laptop pocket, an accessory pocket, two pen holders, and plenty of room to store all your extras. Outside, there are two side organizer slip pockets, a newspaper slip pocket, and supremely comfortable carry handles. The bag also comes with a removable shoulder strap for when you’re in a rush and need to run.

What we love about real leather briefcases is their ability to patina over time, which tells the story of your own life and your own experience with the case. That little spot in the corner? That’s from the coffee spill during that crazy marketing meeting. The scratch there? From the time you saved an injured cyclist in the bike lane. Ah, memories.

For your chance to win this slick case, simply enter below. And good luck!

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Pad & Quill Gladstone Leather Briefcase Giveway

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