The Manual Wind: Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe

Haute horology and the entire watch industry is based on one commonality, recreating history. Technology is changing the industry, but the common goal is the same as it was in the 1800s;  the creation of high end mechanical timepieces. The most recent example of the direct recreation of a historic timepiece is the latest from Parmigiani. This unique piece is unlike any other in the market and its inspiration comes directly from the Sandoz collection. The Parmigiani Ovale Pantographe is a piece of history with Parmigiani DNA.

This oval case, shaped in either white or rose gold, bares the famed in-house Parmigiani 8-day power reserve movement seen in the Kalpas. It is what is above this movement that is taken right out of watchmaking history. Above the porcelain hand painted dial are the most unique hands seen on any watch in my opinion. Made of blued steel, both the hour and minute hand are telescoping. Extending and retracting, the hands make their way around the interior of this oval case adjusting to make way for the narrows.

Attached with an Hermes crocodile strap and folding buckle, Parmigiani exceeds luxury expectations. Of course this timepiece of such materials and historic importance comes with a considerable price tag. Priced at $55,000, this piece might seem like a lot for a simple time only watch. For a timepiece of amazing achievement inspired from reverse-engineering a piece of history, the price tag does not seem so outrageous. The most complex hands ever reproduced, Parmigiani is not too quick to reveal their engineering secrets.

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wear this timepiece for an extended period of time.  The pictures do no justice for this extremely unique piece.  The size and dimension of the case make this a showpiece.  Wearing on the larger side, this  dress watch cannot be missed.  The stark white dial with sharp blue steel hand contrast make this the closest thing to wearing a Faberge Egg.  A conversation starter, this Parmigiani is the one to own.