Let the Keyport Pivot Take Care of Your Keys (and Everything Else)

The fear of losing your stuff can add unnecessary stress to your daily life. We’ve given advice on how not to lose your tools, and now there’s a simple solution for your keys. Come to the everyday carry (EDC) side of life and boost your utility and preparedness with just one simple gadget: the Keyport Pivot.

EDC tools are becoming more and more popular in our fast-paced and busy world. The idea is that the gear you carry every day should serve at least one purpose or function, which will enhance your daily life in some shape or form. The Keyport Pivot serves many by taking advantage of its modular design.

This easy-to assemble gadget provides organization and utility for those maneuvering the office and job site while also minimizing clutter. The Pivot is essentially a key holder that can be customized with Keyport’s many attachments, such as a USB flash drive, a flashlight, or a knife. Simply choose a red, black, or silver anodized aluminum frame and personalize a hybrid key holder with your preferred pocket tools.

Keyport recently developed three new add-ons that integrate seamlessly with the Pivot. These modules include a low-energy Bluetooth locator, a 12-lumen flashlight, and a pocket knife from Klecker Knives.

The Bluetooth locator works with the TrackR phone app to help you locate misplaced keys. If you’re stuck working late with a graveyard shift, the flashlight can come in handy in those tough to see situations. And, if you fly a lot, Keyport’s drop-point blade profile allows for easy removal and reapplication for airline travel — and this goes for all Keyport’s attachments and add-ons.

The Pivot is compatible with many of the company’s other inserts, such as tweezers, scissors, and multi-tools like the Griffin Stowaway Tool (a combination bottle opener, screwdriver, scoring tool, pocket clip, prying tool, and various wrenches). Plus, the Pivot is designed meticulously to assure your key holder doesn’t loosen over time.

If you’re interested in seeing what other kind of multi-tools, check out The Manual’s list of essentials and must-haves.

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