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Gettin’ Hitched? Jordan Jack is the Warby Parker of Men’s Wedding Rings

Jordan Jack | Wedding Band Home Try On

Thirteen years ago, Jordan Yoder was fresh out of school and just getting started in the jewelry business. After some time working for a large wholesale jewelry manufacturer, he was inspired to start his own custom design business. As he was creating his own engagement rings and wedding bands, he noticed how much stress and how little selection was involved in the process for customers shopping for the perfect jewelry for their big day. “I always loved the branding and marketing side of the business,” Yoder says, “But it was a real challenge to create a jewelry brand for retailers because they all wanted their own white label goods. There was a major pain point in the industry, an industry that hasn’t seen a lot of change over the years.” That’s when he decided to create Jordan Jack, a new startup that takes the Home Try On model of successful companies like Warby Parker and applies it to the oft-fraught wedding ring buying process.

“We wanted to make the process simple, fun, and stress-free. A couple’s engagement time should be about spending time with your loved one and really enjoying selecting the style of band that fits you best,” Yoder explains. Jordan Jack aims to replace stale, limited, frustrating traditional wedding band shopping with a pressure-free experience that allows men the time and space they need to select a ring they’ll be truly happy to have on their finger for the rest of their lives. “People are busy today and planning a wedding is stressful enough, so we wanted to create a solution where at least one thing was easier in the process.”

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Here’s how it works: the groom-to-be logs on to Jordan Jack and selects rings they’d like to try out. There’s a printable sizing chart available on their website and the company recommends ordering a couple different sizes to try on to ensure you find the best fit for you. “Comfort is number one,” Yoder says, “A lot of people, men especially, have never worn a ring or a band, so it can feel awkward at first … I definitely recommend ordering different sizes in all the rings you select — that way you can really feel the difference between full and half sizes. This will ensure you get the perfect fit. If you’re really not sure what you want, I would suggest ordering bands with different widths as well. It’s always best to order a variety and refine from there.” Once you’ve made your picks, the company will ship up to five rings to your home for free (along with a ring sizer that will help you confirm your size), and you’ve got three full days to really live with the bands before choosing which one suits you best. Once you’ve made your decision, just return the Home Try On box, log on to the website to order your chosen style, and you’ll have your perfect ring within days.

Jordan Jack currently offers 60 ring styles and is working on additional designs every month. “We’ll continue to expand our assortment with new materials, cool designs, and additional diamond products throughout the year,” Yoder explains. The current selection has plenty of variety, with rings available in Gold, Silver, Titanium, Cobalt, Tantalum, and Sterling Silver. The designs are unique and varied, with features like diamond accents, subtle textures, dual tones, and handsome inlays. “We really do have a band for everyone,” says Yoder, “Regardless of your style, metal preference, mm thickness – there will be a solution for you.”

If you’ve been dreading that prenuptial trip to the jeweler, it’s certainly worth giving Jordan Jack a try. The Home Try On is completely free, and with such a creative selection you’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for without ever having to step foot in a mall or big box jeweler.

Try your hand with Jordan Jack here.

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