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John Mayer debuts second limited-edition watch in new G-Shock, Hodinkee and Online Ceramics collab

This watch has some psychedelic easter eggs

G_SHOCK Online Ceramics collaboration

In a world where time is often overlooked, John Mayer, the maestro of music and style, once again graces us with his unique touch in the realm of watches. Hodinkee, the epicenter for all things watches and horology, has revealed their latest: a collaboration with Los Angeles-based design house Online Ceramics and the iconic G-SHOCK. The result? The G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 By Online Ceramics Limited Edition For Hodinkee.

This isn’t Mayer’s first dance with the world of watches for men. Across 2020, 2021, and 2022, Hodinkee and Mayer set the stage ablaze with a trio of G-SHOCK watches, each a symphony of design and functionality, selling out within minutes. Now, in a triumphant return, Mayer and Hodinkee embark on a new project, a journey of imagination that expands upon the legacy they’ve created together. The project, curated by Mayer himself, invites three new visionaries to design their own G-SHOCK collaboration with Hodinkee, connecting through the threads of music, design, and watches.

John Mayer is a big fan of Elijah Funk, co-founder of Online Ceramics, as the pair have worked together on Mayer’s own merchandise. He told GQ, “Elijah is so impressive, it just knocks me out. He does merch with me and we’ll go back and forth on ideas. They’re the most fun texts in my phone. We just jam out.”

G_SHOCK Online Ceramics collaboration

A symphony of design: G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 by Online Ceramics

The first installment of this trilogy was the G-SHOCK Ref. 6900 – Subtract By Ed Sheeran, and now, the second act unfolds with Online Ceramics taking the spotlight. Founded in 2016 by Elijah Funk and Alix Ross, Online Ceramics is renowned for its Dead & Co T-shirt designs, capturing hearts with playful, trippy, and tie-dyed creations. Now, they infuse their distinct design style into the G-Shock 5600, offering a lighthearted and playful twist on the classic timepiece.

The G-SHOCK 5600, with its cult following, serves as the canvas for this artistic collaboration. Online Ceramics’ rendition comes in a deep forest green, the strap boldly emblazoned with “Online Ceramics” in a psychedelic font, a screen surrounded by vibrant yellow, red, and orange accents, and the brand’s snail logo. Bright yellow text framing the face reads “Sun Watch, Moon Time” and “Mushroom House Haunted Wagon,” setting a whimsical tone that feels like a stroll through enchanted woods. Press the button for the backlight, and a special phrase appears: “Love Grows In The Sunshine.”

G-SHOCK Online Ceramics collaboration

Getting into the nitty-gritty of the G-SHOCK Ref. 5600

But this isn’t just about aesthetics; the watch blends form and function. The resin case, strap, mineral glass covering the screen, and 200 meters of water resistance make it light, wearable, and durable. A modern G-Shock module offers various features, including time, date, alarm, stopwatch, and countdown timer with the signature electro-luminescent backlight.

The G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 By Online Ceramics is a marvel of design and utility, combining the innovative spirit of G-SHOCK with the artistic touch of Online Ceramics. This limited edition timepiece boasts a shock-resistant structure, a testament to G-SHOCK’s commitment to toughness. The watch ensures durability without compromising style with a case and strap crafted from resilient resin and a stainless steel buckle.

Measuring 48.9mm x 42.8mm x 13.4mm and weighing a mere 53 grams, the G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 is a lightweight companion for everyday wear. The watch is not just a visual delight; it’s packed with features, too. The multi-function alarm, flash alert, calendar, stopwatch, and countdown timer cater to various needs. The electro-luminescent backlight with afterglow not only adds a touch of flair but also ensures readability in low-light conditions.

Powered by a reliable quartz module (Caliber 3229), the watch maintains accuracy with a deviation of +/- 15 seconds per month. Its power reserve, fueled by a CR2016 cell, extends up to two years. In a world obsessed with ticking seconds, the G-SHOCK Ref. 5600 By Online Ceramics is a reminder that time is not just a measurement; it’s a canvas for expression and collaboration.

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