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Grenson: Heritage Research Collection, autumn/winter 2013

When dusting off your faithful pair of nondescript ‘smart shoes’ just won’t cut it anymore, The Manual recommends you look to Grenson’s sublime Heritage Research collection for sartorial footwear that smacks.

Established way back in 1866, the esteemed English brand are really good at mixing classical gentlemanly elements, such as eyelets and calf leather lining, with directional details. The result makes for a subtle statement that is far from gaudy, even if you opt for a pair of the blue/red RNR bowling shoes.

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Additionally, the collection comprises several takes on the classic brogue, Derby boots and penny loafers. For everyday office-bar wear, The Manual recommends the USN Officer Brogue. Available in blue suede/calfskin mix or oxblood and black, the design features Grenson’s staple triple leather sole- a low-key nod to the ongoing trend for stacked soles. Also great for everyday wear, the Sea Bee Boots will look awesome paired with your favorite pair of jeans, whether wide or narrow legged. The nine-eyelet derby boot is available in tan brown with a unique red sole and deep brown/tan brown.

If you’re looking for something a little more ‘dapper’, the Ivy Penny loafers and the Burrows brogues will do nicely. Unique yet distinguished, the loafers are the answer to smart/casual style. Crafted from soft English suede, the style is available in beige or navy, and features a traditional English Dainite sole. On a similar wavelength, the debonair Burrows brogue design is perfectly aligned with the imminent release of Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, FYI. The two-tone 1920s reference is updated with a closed channel chestnut sole and the best upper leathers available.

Shop the collection here prices range from $635-$725

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