Giveaway: Stormy Kromer Original Cap

That nip of fall is in the air in most parts of the country. And even if it’s not, we see you guys in Florida wearing flannel in the air conditioning. We understand and we totally appreciate it.

We also appreciate a good cold weather hat. We are fans of beanies and fedoras but when it is Titanic iceberg sinking cold we need our ears covered and not with earmuffs. That is why we are such big fans of the legendary Stormy Kromer. We don’t need to go into the whole amazing story, you can read about it here.

But what we do need to go into is this giveaway. We want to offer one swell chap an original cap accented with Harris Tweed, that iconic rugged wool from the Hebrides of Scotland.

Just enter here and you could be warming your head with one of these handsome hats in a matter of weeks.

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