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Get Perfect James Bond Style in Just Two Coats

get perfect james bond style in just one coat billy reid
James Bond has nailed a lot in his 52 years as a character on the big screen. Yes, he’s managed to bed plenty of beautiful women (despite being a sexist, according to Daniel Craig) but it’s his sharp style that’s really stood the test of time. To this day, you should reference 007 anytime you try on a tuxedo, wear a suit during the day, or have a desire to sport all white in a formal setting (Thanks, Roger Moore).

The main takeaways? Keep it simple, well-fitted but never tight, and most importantly, bullet proof durable. Not only will this enable you to escape from any villain’s lair and go right to dinner and drinks with minimal effort, but it’ll make you look smart. And dashing. And, of course, handsome to women.

The best way to make this happen with as little effort as possible? A coat. Specifically, the Billy Reid Peacoat and recently released Astor coat. The Billy Reid Peacoat has had a cult following since it was singled out as the coat Daniel Craig wore like a champ in Skyfall. Since then, it’s become Reid’s best selling coat, and they’ve issued additional colors and fabrics. It smartens up a dressed down look and hip-i-fies more formal attire.

For Spectre, they’re marching into the unusual territory of Q—he of gadgetry genius—and have created a single-breasted, notch collar coat that is probably the most stylish take on a lab coat we’ve ever seen. Like the peacoat in Skyfall, the Billy Reid Astor coat will be seen on screen as worn by Q played Ben Wishaw.

We’re not ditching the perfect Skyfall peacoat just yet, but the Astor is a less bulky option for those of you who like a slimmer, somewhat more studied profile.

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