Garrett Colton on his modern-day General Store

Garrett Colton’s modern-day general store concept kind of makes me want to high-five him. As the basic principles of retail continue to be re-examined and deconstructed, LA-based store g.COLTON- formerly ST&NDARD GOODS- harks back to the glory days of shopping, when a one-stop shop comprised all necessary goods. Spanning progressive fashion, interiors, art and even ladders (see…high-five) the beautifully curated g.COLTON possesses an exemplary glow. The Manual caught up with founder Garrett Colton on the dawn of the new year to talk shop.

How was the store concept conceived?

The concept was conceived by living in LA and really looking at it from a consumer perspective. I just felt like my favorite store was actually various parts from about 15 stores across southern California. With LA being so spread out, I wanted to create a place that had a little bit of everything and could possibly allow anyone to do all their shopping in one spot.

You identify g.COLTON as a modern day general store- is this because you stock a variety of goods?

I really consider my shop is a small department store to be honest. Over the past couple months I have really tried to have various sections of the shop making it easier for people to shop at my place. I have a books section, ceramics section, clothing section, footwear, kids section, vintage quirky gifts, and now women’s jewelry. The art on the walls is for sale as well.

In your opinion, what makes good design? What traits do the products in your store share?

In the shop, the things that I carry, ranging from clothing to vintage items to furniture, sell themselves. The designs of household items are timeless or the clothes are simple and functional. Then, there is the story of the brand/product. I try to carry things that aren’t too highbrow and intimidating and people can truly “get it.” But, if you dig deeper, you realize there is so much more to that item.

How do you think the LA retail scene is progressing?

The retail scene in LA is pretty insane. Everyday it feels like there is a new shop opening up. Steven Alan just opened up down the street from us. The La Brea Beverly area is really coming along and I feel like it’s becoming a destination for people.

What inspires the way you curate your stock?

I just look at it from a consumer viewpoint and consider what I would want to see if I was a shopper at this store. Walking into the stores of people like Rene Holguin is consistently inspiring.

Can you tell us about any brands or creators that youre excited about for 2013?

For the New Year, I am changing my store name to g. COLTON to focus more on making things under that name. So personally, 2013 is the year to really push my own brand. I will have some clothing ready to sell in spring under the g. COLTON brand. I have also recently collaborated with RTH to create a new company called gar.rth (my first name and his store) and the first products we have for sale are our mismatched socks. They are online now and have been really well received. Those will be in stores across the globe soon.

SOLS are on my radar too. It’s a new Japanese shoe company that makes a sort of half cab sneaker. They come in two colors, white and indigo, and for both men and women. They look great.

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