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Engineered for Motion & Dockers Team Up on Stylish Collab

Engineered for Motion X Dockers
Today’s menswear world calls for speedy, easy and effortless style — that’s where the Engineered for Motion x Dockers collaboration comes in handy for style-minded guys who need to look great on the go. It’s an effort that features plenty of pieces that’ll come in handy for fall layering, fall travel and bustling days around town or sprinting through the city — seriously.

Engineered for Motion

Building off EFM’s penchant for blending tailored silhouettes with functional fabrics, the partnership also makes use of Dockers’ expertise in crafting easy-to-wear, essential lifestyle garments. And the results are pieces you’ll want in your shopping cart — and your closet — very quickly indeed. Touted as an Emerging Designer through New York Fashion Week: Men’s, EFM caught the eye of the Dockers team for its luxury approach to things like down peacoats and travel-friendly gear. EFM is also known for blending functionality with a “do more with less” approach, one that makes sense in today’s versatile, evolving menswear world.

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The resulting collaborative effort between the two plays off those themes, blending the easily wearable with the functional and stylish –it’s a 17-piece collection that features everything from a sleek black track trouser with knitted ankle cuffs, to a heather grey shawl collar sweater that blends merino wool with nylon for breathability and flexibility. Other pieces include an inventive insulated vest in a Geo-Olive pattern and a double-zip olive cardigan that would pair quite nicely with a classic chambray shirt or plenty of other fall style essentials.

The collaboration certainly goes beyond the slim khakis for which Dockers is known — even a sharp black peacoat makes use of a cotton-wool-poly blend for commuter-friendly mobility. Of course, the two brands have you covered for dressier situations as well, particularly when it comes to a cotton stretch twill blazer in a versatile shade of brown.

The sharp, functional and unconventionally stylish pieces are the result of a design ethos that’s more similar than one might think, said Dockers VP of Merchandising Ian Harrison.

Engineered for Motion

“With this collaboration we are able to envision what the future of menswear might look like by working together,” Harrison said. “In many ways they’re very much like Dockers, and how we started. It feels very modern, but at the same time very accessible.”

For fans of quality menswear that merges the classic with the unexpected — in terms of both silhouettes and fabrication — it’s a collection worth shopping and buying in droves.

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