Criquet reinforced button-downs are designed for opening beer bottles

Twist-off beer caps are supposed to be easy to open with your bare hands, and most of them are, but every so often you come across one that’s clamped on there tighter than a skater kid’s Levis. If you’ve got the calloused, labor-hardened hands of a carpenter, this isn’t much of a problem for you – but if you’re a soft-handed keyboard jockey like myself, torquing off a stubborn bottle cap often brings pain to your palms. In these situations, the go-to method is simply to use the bottom of your shirt.

To ensure that the act of popping open a cold one doesn’t shred up all of your shirts, Texas-based fashion company Criquet has designed a line of button-downs with a clever design feature – reinforced front tails that can handle even the toughest twist-off. If you’re of the mind that button downs should always be tucked in, this might not be the most convenient feature for you, but if you prefer to rock the untucked look while you knock a few back, these shirts are ideal.

Available in a small assortment of long-sleeve colors and patterns, the shirts will set you back $85 a pop – and there’s no reason to think they wouldn’t be just as effective on stuck pickle jars or obstinate tubes of toothpaste.

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