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Cobbler Concierge Takes the Guesswork Out of Getting Shoes Repaired

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You know that weathered old pair of shoes you’ve had through three different apartments and countless miles of pounding the pavement? They’re too broken down to wear, but you refuse to get rid of them because they still fit your foot like no new shoe ever could?

Cobbler Concierge has taken the stress out of getting your high-end shoes and accessories repaired by allowing you to set up the repairs over your computer or phone.

So instead of throwing them away, why don’t you get them re-soled?

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Many people throw their old shoes away when they get a little bit broken down, not knowing that their shoes may be suited for  new soles and a new life. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly as many cobblers today as there once were and it can seem like a hassle to track one down–especially if you don’t live in a big city. With Cobbler Concierge, you don’t have to go looking for some hole-in-the-wall shop in the sketchy part of town. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your apartment.

Cobbler Concierge works one of two ways. The first is that you can place your order on your phone and then ship your shoes off with one of their pre-paid shipping labels. When they are finished, Cobbler Concierge will ship them back to you with the bill.

The second way is that you can text Cobbler Concierge pictures of the item to be repaired and they will figure out what it will cost and send you an estimate. You then get to decide what repairs, if any, you want to make.

Cobbler Concierge will repair more than just shoes, too. You can also get your high end handbags, and luxury luggage repaired, too. Everything gets repaired at Cobbler Concierge’s New York headquarters by in-house craftsmen.

Image used with permission by copyright holder

That’s the main philosophy at Cobbler Concierge: repairing is better than replacing. This philosophy is good for both the environment–fewer resources wasted from discarded goods–and your pocketbook.

Plus, nothing can beat the subtle character that a pair of shoes or bag takes on over a lifetime of use rather than just a few months. The longer you can keep that perfect pair of boots or your favorite suitcase around, the better you’ll look.

Checkout Cobbler Concierge today to see how you can bring new life into your favorite gear.

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