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Save up to 35% on Calvin Klein Underwear for Prime Day

Man holding a mug while wearing a shirt and a pair of underwear from Calvin Klein.

For decades now, Calvin Klein has been the industry standard when it comes to simple and sexy briefs (see their black and white, celebrity-filled underwear campaigns). Now, they’ll even be more affordable, thanks to Amazon Prime Day deals, which include some can’t-miss fashion markdowns on some of the best brands in the game, including Calvin Klein’s briefs, boxer briefs, and more. What does that mean for you? Virtually limitless options when it comes to the best Prime Day fashion deals. Perfect if you want to upgrade those worn tighty whities you’ve been living and working in, thanks to our work-from-home reality.

What can buyers expect during Calvin Klein’s massive sale? Based on previous Prime Day extravaganzas, the All-American fashion brand featured up to 35% off underwear, and we can expect a deluge of similar doorbusters this time around. If you’re not looking for new briefs, Calvin Klein will also be selling some serious markdowns on bras, panties, and T-shirts, and more undergarments (perfect if you’re looking for a special gift for her).

While we can’t promise that you’ll look like Mark Wahlberg, Shawn Mendes, or any of the other leading men that have graced Calvin Klein’s iconic underwear ads of yore, we can promise you that you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to finding the best men’s Calvin Klein boxers and briefs. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled during the two-day sale, and to keep checking our homepage, where we’ll be including some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals.

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