Boardshorts with a Bottle Opener Might Be the Greatest Invention Mankind has Ever Seen


Can you think of a worse nightmare than being stranded on the beach with a beer that doesn’t have a twist-off bottle cap?

That’s exactly what happened to Boardshort Bottle Opener founder and inventor Abe Allouche and his friends one day when they were out surfing. They had just finished an awesome surf sesh when they realized they had beers that didn’t come with twist-offs. Of course, being men they decided to take drastic measures in order to get an ice cold swig of beer which led to a chipped tooth and a bloody thumb.


On the way home that day, Allouche did some thinking and tossed around a few ideas that could’ve solved their beer problem. After many samples, tests, and revisions, BBO, Boardshort Bottle Opener, was born.

Finally, no more chipped teeth, beating a beer bottle against the arm of your chair, or reaching for your dirty sandal to open a beer. Now you can hit the beach in a cool pair of boardshorts with a feature mankind hasn’t seen before – a bottle opener. What could be more practical than that?

The bottle opener attachment is durable enough to take on any six pack and it’s lightweight so it won’t affect your surfing. It’s the perfect accessory that’ll be useful from the boat to the beach and to the BBQ. All you have to do is lift the flap on the pocket of your boardshorts, remove the bottle cap, and enjoy your beer.

These boardshorts aren’t your average one trick pony either. Yes, the bottle opener feature gets all of the noise and publicity, but the shorts are also made with industry-leading fabrics and an anti-slip drawcord that won’t come undone, no matter how many times you’re tossed. They’re thoughtfully made, sold at an affordable price point of $48 without sacrificing quality, and not to mention, they come in many different summer-ready designs and colors that will make it hard to buy just one pair.

Thanks to BBO, we’ve solved your summer swimwear needs and saved you a trip to the dentist.

Check out a few of BBO’s styles below.

BBO Stats MNT – $48


BBO Stats RST – $48


BBO Pina BLU – $48


BBO Jardin CHR – $48

BBO Jardin CHR

BBO Reel BLU – $48


BBO Mano TEL – $48


BBO Combat H. GRY – $48

BBO Combat H. GRY