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Marketing Exec Andres Wyss Tells us How he Climbed the Luxury Ladder of NYC

This week, we speak with marketing executive Andres Wyss on his career and personal style.

I’m not a native New Yorker, but after spending more than 10 years traveling back and forth between here and Zurich, Switzerland, I consider this city my home.

I work as the Marketing Director for Select World, a global branding and content agency that offers boutique services for high-profile clients including Balenciaga, Shiseido and Nirav Modi in the luxury and beauty spaces. From our headquarters in New York, I lead Marketing and PR initiatives for the agency’s worldwide network of entrepreneurs and creatives from Los Angeles to Paris, Geneva, Hamburg, and Shanghai.

Coming from a multi-lingual background and years of international experience, I view New York City as a cultural hub and epicenter of the fashion and luxury world. When I began my career in Switzerland, I managed public relations for iconic brands such as Patrizia Pepe, Guess?, and Calvin Klein. It helped me cultivate a refined sense of storytelling, but most importantly, zero-in on New York City as the place to be if I wanted to take my career to the next level. I made my first move in the early 2000’s when I learned how to build brand value under Diane von Furstenberg. Two years later, fate brought me back to Switzerland where I had the opportunity to ride the rise of social media in fashion for the European launch of – you guessed it – a New York based denim line.

Ultimately, all roads led back to New York and I finally returned to put down roots. I’ve been at Select World for over five years, leading the agency’s global re-brand, launching its new website and revamping its social media strategy. I enjoy feeling the energy of the industry in the city and the opportunity to meet inspiring new people each and every day.

As for my personal style:

Jeans: I own only 3 pairs. They are all R13 and they age with me.
Shirts: I’m more of a t-shirt guy but if I wear a shirt, it’s probably from APC.
Pants: COS never disappoints. Their pieces blend timeless, understated and reinvented classic looks.
Suits: Daniele Alessandrini, Theory, Drykorn. Worn at weddings and important meetings.
Shoes: High tops. Nikes for sneakers, black Hugo Boss Chelsea boots for more formal occasions.
Accessories: I wear a custom ring made by my friend and jewelry designer Bliss Lau who normally caters to a female customer. A ‘Luck N Love’ necklace and “Little Mason” bracelet from Swiss brand Studio Mason. Watches finish my look – The Seiko Prospex when I want to look more casual and sporty, the Tag Heuer when I want to wear a statement piece.
Outerwear: A vintage denim jacket from Levis, a black leather jacket from R13, a black rain coat from Rains and a black winter trench coat.
Favorite cologne: Comme des Garcons Incense
Favorite app: Google Map to get where I need to go the fastest, Venmo for money exchanges amongst the dinner crew, Instagram to get inspired daily and Equinox’s app to ensure I sweat at least twice a week.
Favorite piece of technology: My iPhone but then I also love to forget it exists.
Next style/gear purchase: The Perpetuum Calendar from 3D design brand OTHR. And eventually, a car.

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