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Alexander McQueen Shoes Are 40% Off at Nordstrom Right Now

In recent years Alexander McQueen has become synonymous with some of the best shoes your hard earned dollars can buy. Right now, Nordstrom is having a crazy sale on Alexander McQueen sneakers, discounting them up to 40% off their original prices, making it just a little more affordable to add a pair of these iconic, ultra-chic shoes to your collection. Known for being an innovator in fashion, Alexander McQueen makes sneakers that just cannot be replicated. Check out the entire lineup of sale items by clicking the link below and keep reading to see some of the highlights of the sale. Remember, Nordstrom always has free shipping, so don’t hesitate to make these gorgeous shoes your own.

Alexander McQueen Court Trainer Sneaker — $324, Was $540

White sneaker on a white background.

Made in Italy, Alexander McQueen’s Court Trainer sneakers feature a chunky rubber platform that creates an exaggerated shape with this lace-up style. Originally priced at $540, Nordstrom has reduced the price on these shoes by 40%, dropping the price tag down to a cool $324, saving you $216. These shoes feature a subtle nod to the brand with foiled logos at the tongue and heel tap. Made from a leather upper and lining as well as a rubber sole, the Court Trainer sneaker was made as much for comfort as for style. Several colors and sizes are still in stock, but they will sell out fast, so don’t miss your chance to grab a pair of these at a steep discount.

Alexander McQueen Glitter Trim Plimsoll Sneaker — $324, Was $540

White sneaker with glitter trim on a white background.

Add a splash of sparkle to you shoe game with Alexander McQueen’s Glitter Trim Plimsoll Sneaker. While these shoes typically retail for $540, Nordstrom has got you covered, discounting them 40% and saving you $216 with a reduced price of $324. Known for their handcrafted shoes, Alexander McQueen produced the Glitter Trim Plimsoll Sneaker in Italy from high-quality leather that is featured on the upper as well as in the lining. The glitter-encrusted counter and foxing create a look that makes nothing short of a statement. The Glitter Trim Plimsoll Sneakers feature a classic lace-up closure and a signature leopard-debossed sole. If you’ve been considering making a bold footwear choice, you don’t have to look any further — Alexander McQueen has got you covered.

Alexander McQueen Oversize Sneaker — $348, Was $580

Oversized silver sneaker on a white background.

These chunky Alexander McQueen Oversize Sneakers are equal parts fashion and function. Originally $580, these gorgeous sneakers are discounted by 40%, dropping the price down to $348 and saving you $232. Their signature leopard-debossed sole adds a tremendous boost of style to Alexander McQueen’s iconic leather sneaker without compromising on comfort. These shoes are padded with plush, contoured cushioning and a removable insole. The oversize look of the sneakers adds a high-fashion element to an otherwise casual shoe. They can take a boring, plain old outfit and instantly elevate it or pair nicely with the chicest clothes in closet. Made in Italy, these shoes embody the standard of quality that is expected from Alexander McQueen. Sizes are selling out quickly, so if these oversize sneakers have been lingering on your wardrobe wishlist, act fast to get them at this price. You definitely won’t regret it.

Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Oversize Sneaker — $444, Was $740

Black croc embossed oversize sneaker on a white background.

If there is one sneaker that goes with literally everything, it’s Alexander McQueen’s Croc Embossed Oversize Sneaker. Made from ultra-luxe materials, these shoes were originally priced at a staggering $740; however, thanks to Nordstrom’s unheard of discount, they are now 40% off, saving you $296 and bringing the price down to $444. The Alexander McQueen Croc Embossed Oversize Sneaker is a fresh take on McQueen’s signature oversize design. The crocodile embossing emphasizes the street-smart look of these leather sneakers, which is only elevated by their chunky platform with a leopard-debossed sole. These shoes are sure to turn heads, not to mention get people to open up their wallets. If you’ve had your heart set on scooping up a pair of Alexander McQueen’s signature sneaker style, there is no time like the present because the Croc Embossed Oversize Sneaker definitely won’t be available at this sweet price for very long. If you grab a pair of these kicks, you’ll be wearing them day in and day out for years to come.

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