The Alex Mill X OMNIGOD Collaboration

alex mill x omnigod collaboration

What happens when you fuse a label that produces classic American essentials with one that produces Japanese basics? That’s what happened when American brand Alex Mill decided to partner up with Japanese label OMNIGOD for a capsule collection. Available at both the Alex Mill store in Nolita, and OMNIGOD stores in Japan, the collaboration puts together the very best of both of the two labels, featuring four shirts and one sweater, all produced in Kojima, Japan on vintage power looms. Each of the shirts has selvage detailing on the interior of the placket, cuff placket, and side gusset. Two of the styles have mother of pearl buttons. The sweater features 4-needle stitching and indigo-dyed yarn. The Manual caught up with Alex Drexler of Alex Mill to ask how the collaboration got started, why vintage Japanese looms make a difference and the best place to wear the collaboration!

How did the Alex Mill X OMNIGOD collaboration come about?

I’ve been a big fan of OMNIGOD for a long time.  They place a great emphasis on the manufacturing process as well as fabric and detail and I hugely admire that. Everything they do is in their own factories in Japan. We started carrying their line in our store for a couple of seasons and then they mentioned they were interested in doing collaboration together. I jumped at the idea, as I’d love the opportunity to work with them. They sent us some things they were thinking of and it evolved from there.

How did you work together to fuse your styles into one collection?

We have similar aesthetic so it wasn’t a very difficult process – we love Japanese fabrics, indigo, selvedge fabrics, attention to detail, and etcetera. Thus, when it came to making the garments, it was about finding fabrics and bodies that represented both brands.

How do vintage power looms benefit the making of a shirt?

Vintage power looms are shuttle looms and can make selvedge fabrics. It gives a very special and imperfect texture. In addition, what’s unique about selvedge fabrics is that it has a unique edge to it. In the case of the OMNIGOD x ALEX MILL shirts, the selvedge edge is a prominent detail displayed throughout the shirt on the placket and gusset. Many people appreciate these subtle details.

Describe the man you designed this collection for.

As in the case of Alex Mill shirts, I feel that the items can work for men in a range of ages from high school on up. It’s ageless and it’s not too conceptual so it really can be very versatile.

What are the best occasions to wear this collaboration?

I would say anywhere but a black tie event!

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