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Trunk Show: A Guide to Printed Swimwear

a guide to printed swimwear shorts
Although Christmastime in the Northern Hemisphere generally brings to mind visions of fur-trimmed red velvet or flannel that’s clearly a look that won’t work for those of you who are lucky enough to be spending your holidays in the sun.

And for those of you stuck in frigid temperatures this month, may this post serve as a reminder that spring break is literally right around the corner, so it actually is time to upgrade your swimwear. (Besides, if you belong to a gym with an indoor pool you already know that bathing suits aren’t just for the summer anymore.)

A classic boardshort shape or not too revealing pair of trunks still seem to be the go-to silhouette for most guys – Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte being an obvious exceptions – and many new offerings for holiday 2016 liven up this somewhat staid cut with technical fabrics and prints that are eye-catching without being over-the-top or obnoxiously in your face. Although you might shun florals or tropical motifs in your day-to-day wardrobe choices, the bathing suits featured here will allow you don them without looking like a sandy dandy. Worn with a solid-colored T-shirt or polo, they’ll add just a touch of color and fun that won’t overwhelm you.

Consider them welcome, warm weather alternatives to that “ugly” printed Christmas sweater….

Cactus Day Swimsuit by BATHER TRUNK CO., $59.98


Calder 7.5″ in Ensign Blue/White by ONIA, $145


Calder 7.5″ in Green/Multi Toucan Print by ONIA, $195


Charles 7″ in Black/White Print by ONIA, $195


Evolution Trunk ’19 by OUTERKNOWN, $43.98


4″ Miter Print Mykonos Stretch Swim Trunk by PARKE & RONEN, $150


2″ Swim Fan Print Stretch Angeleno Swim Trunk by PARKE & RONEN, $135


5″ Lido Pluma Print Stretch Tailored Swim Trunk by PARKE & RONEN, $145


Baeza Swimsuit by RETROMARINE, $155


Mistery Eye Swimsuit by RETROMARINE, $155


Murcia Swimsuit by RETROMARINE, $155


Westwater Boardshort 9″ by UNITED BY BLUE, $46.98


American Dad Swim Short by WELLEN, $43.98


Belvedere Swimsuit by ZACHARY PRELL, $95