5 Perfect Fall Blankets

Bad news: Summer is way, way, way over. But there’s a silver lining: Fall means more wrapping you and your special person up in blankets while the windows are still open. So move away from the heater (save it for deep winter) and check out these perfect fall blankets to keep you warm though autumn’s perfectly peaty chill.

Woolrich USA-made Trail Blankets, Continental Divide

Materials: 95% fine grade soft wool and 5% nylon
Size: 40″ X 60″
Price: $185
Why we love it: Being lightweight and using whip stitched edges makes it a good for the road. We also like the how it uses the map of the U.S. as a design feature. Plus, it’s is an ode to one of the great American through hikes that hasn’t been turned into a movie.

Pendelton Mission Mill Blanket

Materials: 82% wool and 18% cotton
Size: 64″ X 80″
Price: $249
Why we love it: It’s an homage the first Pendelton mill to churn out worsted wool in the American West, located in Salem, Oregon. It mixes the brand’s heritage designs with Victorian-era colors.

Topo Designs Camp Blanket

Materials: 100% wool
Size: 65″ X 90″
Price: $169
Why we love it: The simple design is a throwback to the classic camping blanket. Plus, let this throw remind you that camping in fall is often better than in summer.

Apolis Striped Alpaca Blanket

Materials: 100% baby alpaca
Size: 70″ X 53″
Price: $348
Why we love it: The design is easy to work with and baby alpaca is softer than pretty much anything else around. And more: they employed a small Peruvian co-op to do the hand looming.

Johnstons of Elgin Lambswool Doubleface Check Throw

Materials: 100% lambswool
Size: 74.8″ X 55″
Price: $355
Why we love it: It’s hand sewn in Scotland with incredibly soft lambswool. Also, double sided means you get two blankets for the price of one.

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