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The 10 best action movies on Amazon Prime that will blow you away

Grab some popcorn for these stellar action flicks on Amazon Prime

There’s a reason action movies are so popular. A well-made action movie can thrill you with a dazzling combination of car chases, fight scenes, and special effects. A well-made action movie can also, and this is important, be wonderfully dumb. Indeed, the plot of an action movie is typically fairly unimportant, as long as the set pieces that get you from sequence to sequence are compelling enough.

If you’re looking for some great action, you don’t need to look much further than these, which are some of the best action movies on Amazon Prime. Whether your goal is to find something gritty and realistic or something completely silly but joyous nonetheless, Prime has plenty of great movies to choose from.

Fight Club (1999)
Fight Club
66 %
r 139m
Genre Drama
Stars Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, Helena Bonham Carter
Directed by David Fincher
In one of the best David Fincher movies (based on Chuck Palahniuk’s novel), some young and aggravated men decide the best way to solve their problems is to kick the crap out of each other and reject social norms. Fight Club is best known today for its twist ending, but the movie was a genuine cult hit upon its release, and for good reason. In one of Brad Pitt’s best performances, he is somehow charming, disgusting, sexy, and terrifying all at once, commenting on the social expectations and outlooks of young men in a sometimes very meta way.

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The Tomorrow War (2021)
The Tomorrow War
45 %
pg-13 138m
Genre Action, Science Fiction, Adventure
Stars Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, J.K. Simmons
Directed by Chris McKay

A newer Amazon original release that delivers all of the over-the-top action and explosions it promises, The Tomorrow War is a whole lot of fun but might not be a great choice if you’re looking for something thought-provoking. The movie follows a group of time travelers from 2051 arrives in the present, and proceed to recruit whoever is able and willing to fight a war against an alien species that is smarter, faster, stronger, and scarier than any other threat to humans. The Tomorrow War isn’t a smart movie, exactly, but it’s tons of fun.

The 36th Chamber of Shaolin (1978)
The 36th Chamber of Shaolin
r 115m
Genre Action, Adventure
Stars Gordon Liu Chia-Hui, Lo Lieh, John Cheung Ng-Long
Directed by Liu Chia-Liang
When the Manchu government destroys his school, ravages his town, and kills his father, San Te (Chia-Hui Liu) travels to a Shaolin temple to learn the ways of Shaolin Kung Fu and be at peace. The 36th Chamber of Shaolin tears through plot at an incredible pace, and manages to get to the kung fu training in 30 minutes of runtime. After finally getting to the temple, he is — after some resistance — admitted as a monk for training. The rest of the film is focused solely on kung fu and the 35 chambers one must pass to become a master, training the wrists, shoulders, legs, eyes, mind, and so forth all one chamber at a time. Besides its naturalistic feeling and fantastic story, this film has some classically styled fight scenes that are timeless, cementing it in place as one of the best kung fu movies ever.
Skyfall (2012)
81 %
Genre Action, Adventure, Thriller
Stars Daniel Craig, Judi Dench, Javier Bardem
Directed by Sam Mendes
Every Bond era has its classics, and Daniel Craig’s era may ultimately be defined by Skyfall. The movie gets the balance exactly right between Bond as human being and Bond as superhero, and features a deeply captivating performance from Javier Bardem. The entire ensemble soars here, but the reason Skyfall is a classic is that every action sequence is immaculately made. The opening motorcycle chase is a thing of beauty, as is the climactic sequence that takes place at Bond’s family home. In between? All that stuff’s great as well.
SKYFALL - Official Trailer
Stagecoach (1939)
93 %
Genre Western, Adventure, Action, Drama, Romance
Stars John Wayne, Claire Trevor, Andy Devine
Directed by John Ford
Stagecoach is, by most classical definitions, a Western, but it’s also one of the first great action movies. Most of the movie’s plot follows a rag-tag group of passengers who are trying to make their way across the western expanse in the 1880s, even as they ward of Apache warriors. The movie’s politics are pretty distasteful, but the action itself holds up remarkably well. Stagecoach is the model of many major modern action movies, and it’s also great on its own terms.
Stagecoach - Trailer
Face/Off (1997)
82 %
Genre Action, Crime, Science Fiction, Thriller
Stars John Travolta, Nicolas Cage, Joan Allen
Directed by John Woo
Definitely the silliest movie on this list, and also maybe the best, Face/Off features a wonderful combination of virtuoso direction and over the top performances. The film follows an FBI agent and a master criminal who wind up, for wildly convoluted reasons, swapping faces, and have to live as one another. It’s a great opportunity for Nicholas Cage and John Travolta to flex their muscles, but the real star of Face/Off is director John Woo, who stages thrilling action setpiece after thrilling action setpiece for our amusement.
Face/Off (1997) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic Trailers
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
76 %
Genre Adventure, Action, Science Fiction
Stars Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth
Directed by Francis Lawrence
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is the best movie in the franchise, in part because it’s the movie that best marries the action with everything else this story is about. Thanks to a much higher budget, Catching Fire is sharper, better looking, and ultimately much more fun to watch. At the same time, though, the movie is about the horrors that it’s putting its characters through. It’s tricky to make a movie that’s entertaining about a bunch of scarred, traumatized people, but Catching Fire manages to do exactly that remarkably well.
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Official Theatrical Trailer (2013) HD
Highlander (1986)
Genre Adventure, Action, Fantasy
Stars Christopher Lambert, Roxanne Hart, Clancy Brown
Directed by Russell Mulcahy
A combination of high fantasy and grounded action is what ultimately made Highlander such an overwhelming triumph. The film tells the story of a pair of detectives who find themselves caught in the middle of a centuries old battle between eternal beings, and what allowed Highlander to become a fairly successful franchise is the way it made its more fantastical elements feel approachable to a broad audience. This is decades before Lord of the Rings, but even in the 1980s, Highlander was already making fantasy cool.
Highlander (1986) Official Trailer | Throwback Trailer
Allied (2016)
Genre Action, Drama, War, Romance, Thriller
Stars Brad Pitt, Marion Cotillard, Jared Harris
Directed by Robert Zemeckis
A throwback to the kinds of spy thrillers that were popular decades ago, Allied is a remarkably sturdy entry into that particular genre. The film tells the story of a pair of operatives during World War II who eventually fall for one another and decide to leave their life of deception behind. When one partner begins to suspect that the other is spying on them, though, things get dark pretty quickly. There are a couple of great action sequences in Allied, but the movie really sings because of its ability to sustain a highly tense atmosphere.
Allied Official Trailer (2016) - Paramount Pictures
The Wave (2019)
The Wave
Genre Science Fiction
Stars Justin Long, Tommy Flanagan, Katia Winter
Directed by Gille Klabin
When you look at Justin Long, you probably don’t think of him as the ideal leading man for an action movie. Even so, The Wave makes a compelling case for Long as an action comedy star. The movie follows his character as he’s dosed with a powerful and mysterious hallucinogen and begins experiencing intense hallucinations that he can’t totally explain. The Wave is fairly trippy, but its confident visual style helps it pull off even some of the more outlandish things that our central character sees as he’s riding the wave of his high.
THE WAVE Official Trailer (NEW 2020) Justin Long, Sci-Fi Movie HD

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