Threadmason lets you find the right fit with a simple click

Let’s face it, no size fits all — especially when it comes to t-shirts. Each man is built different, whether talking those tall and slender or those short and stout, and it’s remarkably difficult to find a brand that truly caters to individual dimensions and specifications. Meet the New York-based Threadmason, a growing apparel operation looking to move beyond your standard small, medium, and large sizing while completely rethinking the way you shop for a classic shirt.

Threadmason Header Image copyLike many ideas out there, Threadmason began with dissatisfaction. Georgetown alumni Vincent Ko received a t-shirt from his girlfriend several years ago, and though it didn’t immediately fit the way he wanted it to, a little needle and thread rendered it the perfect fit in no time. Ko, together with his college friend Jake Huston, later decided it was time to create a better method for curbing the generic sizing that perforates the fashion industry. They assembled an outfit of seasoned menswear designers and pattern makers, quickly building a sizing system that utilizes real guys’ body types — and a bit of 3D-modeling technology — to bring a tailored fit to one of the most basic elements of any wardrobe. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign and prototype stage, 24 unique sizes were born.

Spanning a range of crew and v-necks available in three colors (navy, black, and white), Threadmason offers an unparalleled level of fit at a premium price ($34). Each customer provides a slew of basic data, such as their weight and height, along with their body type, pant waist size, and an indication of how they like their shirts to fit. Body types range from slim and average to athletic and well-fed, with options for form-fitting and relaxed fits at the ready. The company’s website will then suggest a size, which you can then order in your desired style. Moreover, each pre-shrunk shirt is made of 100-percent organic cotton, cut in California and sewn in New York for an American-made experience across the board. Now, if only shopping online with other retailers was as easy.

Check out the main Threadmason website to peruse the company’s selection of crew and v-necks, or to make a purchase using the website’s simple sizing tool.

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