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UFC 268: What Happened Between Usman vs. Covington at UFC 245?

In one of the better fights of 2019, maybe even the best for some, Kamaru Usman powered through Colby Covington, dropping him twice in the fifth round, and then finally laying him down for the win at precisely 4:10 in the round. This time, Usman reigned supreme, which means he retained his welterweight championship. Of course, that was nearly two years ago now, at UFC 245, which took place on December 14, 2019, at the T-Mobile Arena in Paradise, Nevada — the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

But that wasn’t the story’s conclusion for either of these two, that was merely fight one! The upcoming Usman versus Covington fight — fight number 2 — will take place during UFC 268 at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday, November 6, 2021. We’re not far off now, and it will certainly be an interesting fight — maybe another for the books? Let’s recap all that’s happened, and take a quick look ahead!

Quite the Rivalry: Kamaru Usman vs. Colby Covington

Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington
Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Leading up to this first fight, the two have been at odds with each other, even refusing to touch gloves. Fighters generally spend some time getting under each other’s skin before their big events, but this was different. Usman, the Nigerian Nightmare, and his opponent Colby Chaos Covington had lots of bad blood leading up to the match, which despite the outcome, will continue to play out over the next few weeks.

The two went toe-to-toe in a battle of brute and force. Both fighters landed some devastating blows throughout the course of the fight, with Covington toughing out Usman’s ultimate power until the very end. In the final round, Usman sent a shocking but beautiful right hand to Covington’s already weakened jaw — down to the canvas he went. Covington got back up until he dropped again and Usman pounced. The referee had to step in and call the fight.

You can always check out the fight details over at UFC, but Usman’s knockout set a clear winner.

Showing Respect: Who Will Prevail at UFC 268?

UFC 245: Kamaru Usman v Colby Covington head to head
Photo by Chris Unger/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images

Following the fight, Usman was candid, impressed with Covington’s skill and handiwork, calling him a “tough” fighter. This is particularly interesting because, until now, the two fighters had always been very critical of one another, sharing harsh words with the media.

“Fighting a guy like Colby you would expect a lot of mutual respect because we’ve actually shared that octagon for almost 25 minutes. It gets kind of a rep for the way that he behaves outside of the cage.”

He went on to say I know he respects me. I know he does, he might not want to show it but I know he does. And I have a lot of respect for him as well. I think he’s a great competitor. I think he’s very, very tough.”

Nevertheless, Covington will come ready to fight in their upcoming match at UFC 268.

“We are going into the second fight with Colby now and I’m expecting the toughest Colby there has been.”

Toughest indeed. Who will win the upcoming bout? You’ll have to tune in to UFC 268 at Madison Square Garden to find out. Make no mistake, we’re on the edge of our seats too.

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