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Why You Should Upgrade to the Bundle Instead of Going for ESPN+

If you’re looking forward to the next big UFC event and are hunting around for the best way to watch it online, you’ve probably realized already that you’ll need to sign up for ESPN+. But if you’ve already got your credit card ready, pump the brakes a bit: The Disney Bundle is a much better value, and it includes ESPN+. Here’s why you should consider upgrading to the bundle instead.

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Don’t get us wrong: We love ESPN+. It’s a must-have for all sports fans, and it’s the go-to platform if you want to live stream UFC fights, as ESPN+ is the only place where you can watch UFC pay-per-view events live. But for the money, the Disney Bundle — which includes ESPN+, mind you — is simply the better value than paying for ESPN’s premium streaming platform by itself, and it’s not even close.

ESPN+ by itself costs $7 per month or $70 per year. For all you get, that’s not a bad deal by any means. But for $14 per month, the Disney Bundle gets you ESPN+ along with Disney+ and basic ad-supported Hulu. That saves you $7 per month off the price of each separate subscription, basically getting you ESPN+ for free. Alternatively, you can upgrade to ad-free Hulu for $7 more, which comes to $20 per month. That’s still not a bad bargain for the added luxury of not having your enjoyment interrupted with commercials.

The Disney Bundle is an especially great option for those who want to stream at home but don’t want to shell out the cash for a larger streaming package such as YouTube TV, Fubo, or even Hulu Live TV, which typically ring in at $65 per month (and naturally don’t include Disney+ and ESPN+). If you don’t watch a ton of standard TV programming, then that’s rather a lot to pay each year for a ton of channels you’re not likely to ever watch. Instead, the Disney Bundle gets you a myriad of shows, movies, and sports for a price so cheap you might not even notice that $14 monthly fee.

Still need some convincing? Check out our roundups of the best shows on Hulu, the best Disney+ series, the best Disney+ originals, and the best Hulu movies to see just a sample of what you get with the Disney Bundle. That’s on top of all the great sports content that comes with ESPN+. Already have one or more of these services that you pay for monthly? Don’t sweat it: You can still upgrade to the Disney Bundle for the $14/month price and enjoy the savings.

If you’re all about the UFC action, then another option that can save you some money is to grab the ESPN+ bundle deal that gets you a one-year subscription to ESPN’s streaming service plus the upcoming UFC pay-per-view for $90. That saves you $50 off the price of buying each separately; afterwards, you can upgrade to the Disney Bundle and your monthly bill will be adjusted to reflect your yearly ESPN+ subscription (which you already paid for). That’s not a bad way to stack the savings if you’re a UFC fan.

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