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The Roborock S4Max Robot Vacuum is Just $310 Right Now for Prime Day

No one likes to clean all the time. Sure, sometimes it might be satisfying but after a long day at work, you just want to relax in a tidy home, right? That’s where the latest technology can help you out with a growing range of robot vacuum cleaners that take all the effort out of vacuuming your home. Right now, you can buy the Roborock S4 Max Robot Vacuum for just $310 at Amazon, saving you a massive $120 on the usual price. With extensive customization controls, it’s perfect for every home, and features a large battery that allows it to clean for longer than other robot vacuums.

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The Roborock name has featured prominently in our look at the best luxury gifts for men and for good reason — the brand’s range of robot vacuums are great time savers. The Roborock S4 Max has everything you could need for powerful vacuum cleaning. It has 2000Pa suction which means it’s strong enough to easily lift dust from floors and drag it from carpets. Laser-based LiDAR navigation along with the ability to map across four different levels means it always knows where to go and what to do, too. However, if you want to limit where the Roborock S4 Max travels, you can set up invisible walls and no-go zones so it doesn’t get into trouble or head to rooms that don’t need cleaning. It has improved climbing abilities as well, so it won’t have any trouble negotiating slightly awkward areas.

Alongside all that are fantastic app controls. You can view where the S4 Max has been, check out a map of your home, then control the robot vacuum’s schedules as well as how much suction power it uses and when. It’s the ideal way to be in control of your robot vacuum so it always works efficiently. There’s Alexa-support as well, if you’d prefer to speak your instructions to the S4 Max.

All that combined with a large battery means that the Roborock S4 Max is particularly well suited to larger homes, but it works brilliantly in any scenario. With the ability to clean for longer and to do so more efficiently, you’ll love how much cleaner your home feels with less effort required from you.

The Roborock S4 Max is available right now at Amazon for just $310, saving you $120 off the recommended retail price, so this is an ideal time to invest in a great time-saver for your home.

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