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Incredible Prime Day 2022 Deal: Two Smart Bulbs for $10

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Prime Day 2022 has finally arrived – and with it some truly epic Prime Day deals. We’ve got some great Prime Day smart home deals for you, and one of the best deals around right now is this smart light bulb bundle from Merkury Innovations. You’d normally pay $16 for this bundle, but with this smart light bulb Prime Day deal, it will cost you just $10, saving you $5 off the usual price  — and at that price, you could afford to pick up more than one.

Is this smart bulb bundle a good deal?

A connected home is really cool, but can also be really expensive. This bundle from Merkury Innovations includes two 11-watt, 1,050 lumens bulbs (equivalent to a 75-watt incandescent bulb). The A21 shape and E26 base make these smart bulbs versatile; you can use them anywhere in your home, from the best smart lamps on your tables and counters to ceiling lights. With their in-built Wi-Fi, they connect directly to any 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network, no hub required.

The bulbs can be controlled individually or as a group using the free Geeni app on your smartphone, which is available for iOS and Android devices. You can also control them with your voice using Google Assistant, if you prefer a hands-free option. These bulbs cycle through millions of colors – you’ll be able to choose from a huge array of colors to suit your mood any time of day.

Smart light bulbs can help you save money, too, something we’re all trying to do right now. The estimated energy cost for these bulbs is just $1.20 per year, based on average usage of around three hours a day. Of course, this cost will vary depending on the rates in your area and your usage, but every little helps, right?

This two-bulb bundle saves you a lot of money compared to shopping for smart bulbs individually, and these LED bulbs have a long lifespan so you won’t need to replace them for ages.

Once you’ve bought that, why not check out some of the best Walmart Prime Day deals — who knows what else you might find?

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