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The Best Couples Halloween Costumes in 2022

So, your partner wants to do a couple’s costume for Halloween. Deep breathe in, Deep breathe out. We know, paired get-ups can be kind of cringey, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be super fun.

To help you on your matching quest, we’ve rounded up some of the best couples costumes floating around on the internet. They range from the topical to the timeless and are guaranteed to be anything but boring, so you can stand out during your socially distanced Halloween parties.


Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Iman and David Bowie, peanut butter and jelly —  some pairings truly do stand the test of time. And though you and your beau may not be able to pull off either of the first couples (I mean, who could?), the latter one is surely in your wheelhouse. Make your own PB&J look or buy it pre-made, but whatever you do, leave the crusts on, you monster!

Bob Ross and Painting

If you and your partner want to bring some chill vibes to your Halloween party, consider going as Bob Ross and one of his nature paintings. The get-up is instantly recognizable and guaranteed to earn some nostalgic chuckles from your fellow revelers. Bonus points if you stuff your denim shirt with a squirrel a la the late artist himself.


An easy-peasy look for couples who don’t mind being joined at the hips, this Nerds costume is simple and effective. We also like that the costume is unisex, which makes it easier for folks of all genders to get in on the fun. Our expert opinion? Take things up a notch by passing out actual Nerds candy to everyone you see.

Better Half

Not into costumes, but still want to put in a little effort? Then you should snag these shirts from Etsy. The “better half” trope is kind of tired, but the avocado motif puts a fresh spin on the joke, and it doesn’t hurt that these tops are actually pretty cute.

Beetlejuice and Lydia

There are a lot of famous Halloween movie pairs to choose from, but our favorite has got to be Beetlejuice and Lydia. These characters are spooky, outrageous, quirky, and perfectly suited to a night of horrors and screams. Or, you know, Halloween cocktails.

Tacky Tourists

A gold standard for as long as couples costumes have existed (probably), “tacky tourists” is a fun and goofy option for folks who don’t do the whole costume-as-pun thing. Simply buy a pair of matching Hawaiian shirts, throw on a fanny pack, and get ready to dance the night away. Accessories could include exaggerated sunscreen, straw hats, and drinks in pineapples.

Steve and Robin

For those who like to be up on the latest pop culture references, this Stranger Things costume certainly fits the bill. Though Steve and Robin weren’t a couple in the show, this could still be a great look for pals who personify all the qualities of this dynamic duo, i.e. acceptance, grade A snark, and, of course, adventure.

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