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The Coolest Toys For Dad This Father’s Day

Toys For Dad This Father’s Day

Even dads need to have some fun and let off some steam (especially considering looking at the same four walls for months now has probably driven them a little crazy), so this year, you can be the person that gives him that fun. Whether your pops is into space, tiki cocktails, or shredding on a guitar, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite things to give dad this Father’s Day.

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Celestron – 70mm Travel Scope – Portable Refractor Telescope

Celestron - 70mm Travel Scope - Portable Refractor Telescope

Space, the final frontier. Dad doesn’t have to be an astronaut to explore the wide world out there if you give him this telescope. Easy enough for any amateur astronomer to use, it might even help him remember there is a world outside his house.

Mondo Tees Predator Tiki Mug

Mondo Tees Predator Tiki Mug

Has dad gotten into the habit of making cocktails during quarantine? Did he love ‘80s and ‘90s action movies? Combine both of those things with this badass Predator Tiki style mug. Also, it holds almost 40 ounces, so he won’t be running out of his favorite tiki cocktail any time soon.

Volantexrc Remote Control Airplane

Volantexrc Remote Control Airplane

Does Dad ever pretend he’s the Red Baron (and we don’t just mean when he eats the pizza of the same name)? Give your dad the gift of flight with this remote-control airplane. Click and plug wing mounting means that dad will be flying and humming along to Ride of the Valkyries in no time.

Sawtooth Heritage Series Flame Maple Top Electric Guitar, Cherry Flame

Sawtooth Heritage Series Flame Maple Top Electric Guitar, Cherry Flame

Is there anyone who never once thought about being a rock star? But then things like jobs and life got in the way, forever killing the dream. Why not let dad indulge in that dream with this cherry flame maple-top guitar from Sawtooth.

Cocktail Arcade Machine 1162 Games in 1

Cocktail Arcade Machine 1162 Games in 1

Does your dad have his own man cave? If he does, does he have any video games in it? If the answer is no, you can be the savior who fixes that problem. This arcade machine features a whopping 1,162 games, which will ensure Dad doesn’t ever really have to leave his man cave again if he doesn’t want to.

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Want to give dad a kitchen gadget, but want it to give him something with a little more … fire? Why not gift your pizza-loving dad the gift that keeps on giving – his own pizza oven! The Roccbox is the first stone floor personal pizza oven and it heats up to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, turning out a pizza in less than two minutes.

Does It Fart? By Nick Caruso and Dana Rabaiotti

Does It Fart

Who doesn’t need a little levity in their life right now? This book, written by two scientists (who also wrote the book True or Poo?) is a scientifically oriented exploration of animal flatulence. From dogs to spiders to snakes, this book answers the age-old question we’ve all had from time to time. Not only will dad learn a thing or two about the animal kingdom, he’ll have a knee-slapping good time doing it.

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