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Best Prime Day Power Tool Deals 2021: The Best Sales You Can Still Shop

Prime Day 2021 Power Tools

If you missed out on this year’s Prime Day event, you can still take advantage of some great power tool deals. It’s now or never (with these prices, that is) to grab some amazing deals from the Amazon Prime Day after-sale. Time really is running out, so if you’ve been putting off those home improvement projects, the best Prime Day power tool deals will give you the motivation you need to finally follow through. Among this year’s post-Prime Day deals, you’ll find offers on single power tools as well as complete kits. Head below now for our picks of the top Prime Day power tool sales, plus buying advice if you need some help figuring out which tools you’ll need for that summer do-it-yourself (DIY) project. And don’t forget to check out all the deals still rolling in the Walmart Deals for Days sale.

Amazon Prime Day sales are a great time to pick up a variety of home essentials at significant savings. If your backyard could use some love, head over to the best Prime Day lawn mower deals. Meanwhile, check out the best Prime Day kitchen appliance deals if you’re in the market for a new Keurig coffee maker, air fryer, or sous vide cooker.

Best Prime Day Power Tool Deals Still Available

This compact table saw from Dewalt is perfect for traveling from job site to job site. It's guaranteed tough with its metal roll cage and 5800 rpm motor provides high-power performance. more
This drill set has a long-lasting batter-life, a light for better visibility, and is overall a high-quality upgrade to your regular drill. more
Enjoy this no-maintenance, oil-free pump air compressor that can easily work in cold weather conditions. more
This cordless router is equipped with dual LED lights for added convenience on the work surface and a depth adjustment ring for easier and faster height adjustments. more
Do you need a fast tire inflator? This one from Ryobi has two high-pressure nozzles that can inflate car tires and even small inflatables at a faster rate. more
Equipped with an 8,000-rpm motor, this tool can provide impressive power for both grinding and cutting projects, with its handle specially designed for comfort, control, and flexibility. more
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With adjustable speed settings coupled with 4.5 degrees of oscillation, this tool offers performance suitable for a variety of projects. more
This orbit sander comes compact in size for closer surface work, and its random orbital action ensures efficient removal of materials with a high-quality finish. more
This impact wrench from Craftsman is a great tool for changing sockets and removing large fasteners due to its speed settings that gives you total control. more

Should You Buy New Power Tools in a Last-Minute Prime Day Sale?

Early summer is typically one of the best times to buy power tools because of the Memorial Day and Father’s Day sales. Granted, Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales may yield even stronger savings, but there’s no need to wait if you’re in the market for a new tool or kit right now since Prime Day power tool deals will still save you plenty of cash.

Although Prime Day clearly belongs to Amazon, it’s not the only game in town this week. Major retailers like Walmart, Target, and Home Depot are once again running concurrent promotions to compete with Prime Day power tool deals and other sales. These prices are on par with — or in some cases better than — Amazon’s exclusive offers for Prime members. Plus, for those of you without an active Amazon Prime membership,  you’re not totally shut out from this week’s deals since competing Prime Day sales are open to everyone.

How To Choose Power Tools After Prime Day

Purpose and Budget

Consider the purpose for which you’re buying new power tools. The tools you’ll need for day-to-day do-it-yourself activities will differ from the ones you’ll only use when something around the house needs fixing. This will also influence how much you plan to spend. It makes sense to spend more on heavy-duty power tools you’ll use regularly than power tools that will be used sparingly for emergencies.

Brand Recognition

When it comes to shopping Prime Day power tool deals, brand names carry plenty of weight. You’ll want to go with a brand that has an excellent reputation for producing high-quality products that last for years; otherwise, you’ll be purchasing new power tools more often than you’d like. The most dependable brands for basic, entry-level tools include Black+Decker and Ryobi. Meanwhile, Milwaukee and DeWalt are regarded as the best brands for pro-level power tools. Fortunately, all these brands are discounted for Amazon Prime Day.

Cordless versus Corded

Cordless power tools are geared toward quick fixes and fast home projects since they’re mobile. However, they tend to be bulky due to the external battery. Speaking of cordless power tool batteries, they’ll wear out over time, so you’ll be on the hook to replace them. Meanwhile, corded power tools provide more torque, which makes them great for heavy-duty long-term projects, but you’ll have to make sure your workstation is close enough to a power source.

The Most Essential Power Tool

The one power tool every man should have in his toolbox is a drill. A cordless drill is convenient enough for small projects like hanging frames on the wall, while a corded drill provides more torque and longevity for heavy-duty jobs. Whichever power drill you choose, make sure it includes an assortment of drill bits to suit different projects (or remember to buy a set of bits separately). Some models even allow for attachments that will turn your power drill into a power sander or car buffer — providing even more value for your money.

How To Save Further on Prime Day Power Tools

Power tool combo kits are an excellent way to save on multiple tools at once. They’re perfect for new homeowners and beginner do-it-yourselfers, although experts can also benefit from purchasing a complete professional-level set that will last them years. At a minimum, a power tool kit combo should include a drill, an impact driver, and a saw. Cordless combo kits typically include batteries and a charger, a work light, and a carry case.

For Power Tool Newbies

If you’re new to power tools, it’ll help to visit a local hardware store and check out what’s available. That way, you’ll be able to pick up the power tools on display and feel how comfortable they are in your hands. (Maneuverability is crucial when operating power tools — especially anything with sharp edges!) You can also ask your more handy friends or family members for advice on what they recommend. In lieu of knowing such people in real life, you can browse a few online do-it-yourself communities and seek their opinions.

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