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Best Prime Day Face Mask Deals Still Available for 2022

Prime Day has come and gone but there are still plenty of after-sales to grab. It may seem less of a dire necessity this year since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have updated face mask guidelines for fully vaccinated people, with several states and local governments loosening or eliminating mask mandates in response. However, masks are still required on public transit and in healthcare settings. Plus, some people intend to keep wearing masks to protect themselves from catching or passing COVID-19 and other airborne illnesses. Regardless, it’s not a bad idea to have a spare mask or two on hand just in case, so take a look at this year’s Prime Day deals for face masks before they’re gone. The Walmart Deals for Days sale is still going on, but time is running out there too!

Over the last year, reusable face masks have become something of a fashion accessory. If you’re one to coordinate a face mask with your outfit, you might as well browse the best Prime Day fashion deals and put together an ensemble. And should you need a new pair of shades for those bright summer days, you can also look at our roundup of the best Prime Day sunglasses deals.

Best Prime Day Face Mask Deals Still Available

6 piece triple-layer face masks with 6 filters. Breathable and washable fabric that is reusable and skin-friendly made of cotton and polyester. Variety of colors. more
Machine washable high quality100% Polyester with elastic closure. Lightweight but strong and durable with UV protection and moisture wicking fabric. Wear mask in multiple options. more
Adjustable headband suitable for men with beards. Sweat absorbing and breathable material. 3D shape with an adjustable nose clip. Reusable and machine washable. more
Unique and funny printed designs with adjustable lanyards with 6 filters. Adjustable nose bridge wire with a built-in filter pocket. Breathable and washable reusable mask. more
Package of 6 cloth face masks and filters. Polyester/Cloth blend with moisture-wicking ability. Double protection with a five-layer filter. Washable skin-friendly material. more
Designed for extensive wear with durability and comfortable wear. Three layers of protection. The hand washable face mask is made of polyester and comes in a variety of colors. more
The disposable face masks offer three layers of protection and are made of melt-spray filter layer and non-woven fabric. The adjustable nose clip provides a comfortable fit and is suitable for travel. more
It is such a good idea that as we protect ourselves, we also protect the environment. This Reusable Face Mask let us do the movement with comfort, designed with stretch material and cotton filters. more
With its three-layer design, Tommy Hilfiger's Reusable Face Mask gives enough protection for daily outdoor errands. Designed with adjustable straps and breathable material for an all-day comfort. more
Reusable and machine washable polyester/elastane blend. A soft and breathable two-layered fabric with a snug fit for coverage and comfort. more
Lacoste's RF6002-51 Cotton Piqué Face Mask has a triple thickness of spray-suppressing piqué cotton and a seamless double-pleat structure with 20 guaranteed washes and maximum usage of 4 hours. more

Should You Buy a New Face Mask in a Last-Minute Prime Day Sale?

During Prime Day 2020 sales last October — a time when demand for this type of item was still quite high — we saw discounts on boxes of disposable masks as well as multi-packs of reusable face coverings. Given that mask mandates are being phased out in many areas now, expect to find some significant Prime Day face mask deals as Amazon and its third-party sellers try to clear stock. If you need a few spare face masks for travel or other reasons, certainly take advantage of this year’s savings. But you’ll still want to be discerning — don’t just buy a face mask because it’s super cheap. (We’ll explain that in more detail below.)

Also, remember that Amazon Prime Day isn’t the only game in town this week. Competing sales from Walmart, Target, and other major retailers are taking place this week. Amazon Prime Day face mask sales are exclusive to Prime members, so if you don’t have (or want) an Amazon Prime subscription, you can shop around and find what you’re looking for elsewhere at a solid price with no membership required.

How to Choose a Face Mask After Prime Day

When shopping for face mask sales for cloth coverings, consider the type of fabric used. A recent study shows that three-layer cotton provides the best protection among reusable masks. (Linen is another good choice for the best fabrics for face masks) However, a disposable N95 mask with an exhalation valve is the best overall option when it comes to maximum filtration.

Which type of mask should you buy? Ultimately, it comes down to your own preferences and needs. Fabric face masks are washable and reusable — not to mention, many of them are also quite fashionable. But you’ll sacrifice a level of efficacy unless you purchase a cloth covering with multiple layers, and that may not always make for the most comfortable experience. N-95 masks and similar disposable masks are not only more effective at filtration than many cloth coverings, but they’re also cheaper and often found in bulk. However, disposable masks aren’t an eco-friendly choice since they’re not recyclable.

Mask fit is also key. Pay attention to any dimensions listed on the product page to get an idea of whether or not a mask will suit your face. (You may need to break out the tape measure.) Ideally, your face mask should have no gaps along the sides or around the bridge of your nose. Fortunately, many reusable cloth face coverings feature toggles on the ear straps so you can make them as tight as you need to while still maintaining good airflow. There are also fabric face masks with an adjustable bridge to close those gaps around the nose — good news for glasses wearers who want to avoid foggy lenses.

Most importantly, when buying a face mask from Amazon’s Prime Day sale (or any online sale for that matter), take heed of the customer reviews. This is doubly important if you’re thinking of buying a generic or no-name face mask at a discount. Look for user comments that talk about the fit of the covering and the overall quality of the material. If there are limited reviews — or a large number of vague 5-star reviews — proceed with caution or opt for a face mask from a brand with a better reputation.

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