Adidas Sports’ New Grip Case is Perfect for the Jogger or Gym Rat

adidas grip case

It’s no surprise that the ever popular adidas has branched out from its typical sports-focused product lines into an arena that’s a touch more technical.

The newly launched adidas Sports collection contains all the gear you need to keep your gadgets protected while you work out and play. With flexible armbands, smart waist straps, and anti-slip and anti-shock cases, this fresh line has veered far away from the gym shorts and landed squarely in the world of tech.

adidas sports originals grip case for iphone blackcasewhitebackground

If strapping your phone to your upper arm or forearm isn’t for you, then adidas’ Grip Case is an excellent alternative. With a fitted anti-slip grib band that allowed you to not only do high-intensity interval training while keeping your phone secured in your hands, you can also pop out the magnetic stand on the back of the case, allowing you to watch workout apps or videos wherever you may be.adidas sports originals grip case for iphone cj6082 43 detail

Another great feature is the ergonicmally designed back handle, perfect for wrapping around your hand. Combine that with the aforementioned high-class, rubberized grip and you can feel safe knowing your $1,000 smartphone isn’t going to randomly go flying out of your hand and onto device-shattering concrete (or into the head of an unsuspecting passerby).

However, if you do happen to drop your phone with the Grip Case on, don’t worry — it’s been specifically designed to absorb the shock of a fall, whether that height was achieved by rock climbing, trail running, or simply walking.

adidas sports originals grip case for iphone graycasewhitebackground

Adidas Sports’ new phone case prices in at $30 and are compatible with both the iPhone X and iPhone 8 models.

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