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Volkswagen gets tough with Atlas Cross Sport Basecamp styling kits

Give your VW Atlas Cross Sport a rugged look with Basecamp styling

VW Atlas Sport 2-row SUV with Basecamp styling accessories with a kayak on a roof rack parked near a tent beside a lake
While VW beats its corporate chest about significant electric car investment in its shift to EVs from building vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICEs), the manufacturer isn’t shy about cashing in on customer buying trends with current models. U.S. consumers continue to favor tough-looking SUVs, so Volkswagen of America is piling on by adding its line of Basecamp body styling accessories for a third model, the VW Atlas Cross Sport.

VW already sells Basecamp styling accessories separately and in complete kits for the Volkswagen Atlas and Volkswagen Taos, respectively, the largest and smallest SUVs VW sells in the U.S.  VW first offered Basecamp styling options in 2020 for the Volkswagen Atlas, a midsize SUV with three rows of seating developed initially for the North American market.

Volkswagen added Basecamp styling accessories for the VW Taos when the subcompact SUV launched in 2022. Now, buyers of the second-largest SUV in VW’s stable can also outfit their two-row Atlas Cross Sport with the brawny-ish Basecamp look.

Adding exterior elements that are tough in appearance only follows one of the dominant 2023 car trends. The Basecamp accessories don’t add functional advantages that help the Atlas Cross Sport perform better off-road or in mud or snow. The kit and the accessory components are, for the most part, about appearance only. They can, however, help keep your hefty vehicle investment looking good because the extra cladding adds protection for the exterior sheet metal as your SUV traverses moderately challenging rocks and vegetation.

You can toughen up the appearance of a Volkswagen Atlas Sport SUV with the new Basecamp line of styling accessories, shown here about to tow an ATV.
Volkswagen of America / Courtesy of Volkswagen of America

If you like the looks of the Basecamp styling components for the VW Atlas Cross Sport, you can order them as a complete kit or buy the specific parts you want. The complete Basecamp kit for the Atlas Cross Sport lists for $2,774 and includes two-tone textured black and satin silver front and rear valances, matte black fender flares with integrated splash guards, and satin silver side door skid plates. Purchased separately, the prices are $680 for the front valance, $680 for the rear valance, $769 for the side door skid plates, and $645 for the fender flares.

Note that the Basecamp rear valance includes trailer hitch access. Therefore, VW doesn’t recommend buying the complete Basecamp package or the Basecamp rear valance separately for a vehicle without a trailer hitch. VW’s Basecamp styling accessories for the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models aren’t compatible with Atlas or Atlas Cross Sport R-Line or Peak Edition vehicles.

One difference exists between the complete Basecamp styling accessory kits for the VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport models. If you buy the complete Basecamp kit for an Atlas, the kit includes unique Basecamp badges mounted on the front quarter panels. You can’t select the badges separately. The Basecamp kit for the Atlas Cross Sport doesn’t have front quarter-panel badges.

If you want to round out the brawny Basecamp look for the Atlas Cross Sport, Volkswagen also offers 17-inch Traverse MX wheels for $315 each and recommends mounting 245/70R17 all-terrain tires on the wheels. You can buy the Traverse MX wheels in either of two colors: frosted graphite or radiant silver.

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