The Technoimpulse Rocket Z Is an Apocalypse-Worthy Beast of an SUV

You know the drill: The zombie apocalypse is upon us and you desperately need to disappear into the wilds of northern Russia. Assuming you’ve readied a proper bug-out pack, what’s your plan to get the hell out of dodge? You need a legit, go-anywhere, all-terrain vehicle. Enter the Technoimpulse Rocket Z 210-91 4×4 SUV.

Let’s sidestep the Rocket Z’s cheesy moniker because, clearly, the Technoimpulse marketing department is still digging the 90s-era love of buzzwords like “cyber,” “techno,” and “eat my shorts!” Regardless, this is one seriously capable off-road machine. The short, stubby design with all four wheels pushed to the corners is purpose-built for steep approach and departure angles (52 degrees to be exact). The lack of any forward, rear, or aft overhangs make it easy to keep the Rocket Z off the rocks.

A long list of off-road-centric features — full-time 4WD, a limited slip differential on both axles, a two-speed transfer case, and high-powered Hella lighting to light up your approach — ensures you’ll have a hard time getting stuck. If you do, a built-in commercial winch will help remedy the situation. Plus, the massive, all-terrain tires are inflatable via an onboard system that means you needn’t leave that cab in a flat-tire situation.

Under the hood, the Hyundai mid-engine diesel puts out a modest 100 horsepower, but this isn’t a go-fast vehicle. It’s designed to get you wherever you need to go reliably and predictably. Twin 100-liter fuel tanks guarantee plenty of range which you’re going to want in an apocalypse scenario.

Inside, the Rocket Z provides enough room for nine passengers, including the pilot. The seating layout is designed to maximize flexibility. Adjacent the pilot’s permanent seat is a fold-down jumpseat for someone to ride shotgun. Behind that is a wide bench seat, then two wall-mounted seats at the rear — all of which collapses down to turn the entire rear cabin into a makeshift sleep space.

The Technoimpulse Rocket Z SUV starts north of 6,050,000 Russian Rubles (approximately USD $90,000) and gets a whole lot pricier based on the options you choose. If the entry-level 210-91 isn’t Armageddon-worthy enough for you, Technoimpulse offers the beefier 6×6 Rocket Z 310-91 which is marketed for border patrolling and other military-grade expeditions. Take heart, though, because whichever model you choose, the company offers “shop now, pay later” layaway-style options.


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