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McLaren Trophy America championship debuts in 2025

The McLaren Trophy America Championship is for amateur and professional driver teams.

McLaren Arturo Trophy race car on the track closeup.
McLaren Automotive announced the McLaren Trophy America championship, a new racing series greenlighted to begin in 2025.  The series calendar will include five doubleheader weekend races, with the first event at Sonoma Raceway in California on March 28-30.

Why the McLaren Trophy America championship matters

McLaren Arturo Trophy race <a href=cars will compete in the McLaren Trophy America championship." width="800" height="533" />
The McLaren Trophy America championship follows the same format as the McLaren Trophy series in Europe, which had its first season in 2023. The new championship supports GT World Challenge America powered by AWS, a North American motorsports series founded in 1990 for four levels of amateur and professional drivers in various vehicle classes.

McLaren Trophy America championship details

McLaren Arturo Trophy race car on the track.
McLaren Trophy series consists of 50-minute races for each vehicle and driver class. There are two rounds per weekend. Teams can race one of two vehicles, in the series, the current McLaren Artura Trophy race car and the previous model, the 570S Trophy.

The Artura Trophy has a carbon fiber chassis powered by a 577 horsepower twin-turbocharged V6 engine. The race car is built on the same McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) as the McLaren Artura road car. The race cars are designed for outstanding straight-line performance augmented by a high-downforce rear wing, which gives them extreme cornering ability. The engine’s low chassis placement also contributes to the car’s agility.

The McLaren Trophy America 2025 schedule is as follows:

  • March 28-30, Sonoma Raceway, California
  • April 25-27, Circuit of the Americas, Texas
  • July 18-20, Virginia International Raceway, Virginia
  • August 15-17, Road America, Wisconsin
  • October 3-5, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indiana

The McLaren Trophy America championship races will be streamed live on YouTube on the McLaren Automotive channel.

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