You Don’t Need a Pilots License to Operate Kitty Hawk, the First Flying Car

Is that a 007 gadget? Nope, it’s the first flying car for normal people like you and me.

That’s right, in a couple years we could all be flying hover-mobiles just as much as we’re driving commonplace cars, thanks to the wild mind of Google Co-founder Larry Page.

This week Page unveiled the first-ever working prototype of his passion project Kitty Hawk, a flying car that has been tested and proven legal to operate in “uncongested areas” of the United States.

Roger that: flying cars are finally here and they look badass.

Plus, there’s not a huge barrier of entry to operate one. Since the Kitty Hawk Flyer is classified under the Ultralight category of FAA regulations, you don’t need a pilot’s license to get behind the wheel…or cockpit?


“We’ve designed our first version specifically to fly over water,” says the company. So while it’s being touted as a “flying car,” its intent to be used over fresh water makes the Kitty Hawk more of a flying surfboard. (Plus there’s no radio.)

The first prototype for Kitty Hawk was just released and looks like a mix between a jet ski, floatplane, and sleuthy secret agent helicopter. The official Flyer will be available for purchase by the end of 2017. (We know what we’re asking Santa for.)

As of right now you can’t pre-order or reserve one of these flying cars, but you can sign up for a membership ($100) that makes you a Kitty Hawk Flyer member and gives you priority placement on the Kitty Hawk Flyer customer wait list and a $2,000 discount off the retail price.

The company hasn’t divulged the official ticket price but if $2,000 is a discount, you can bet this will be a luxury item.

Still not as expensive as a private jet… or a new car.