Drink Like James Bond with these 3 Special Edition Libations

drink like james bond with these 3 special edition libations 2 007 vodka
With the twenty-fourth James Bond movie, Spectre, set to release on November 6, two different companies have joined forces with the team behind the most iconic spy in the world to produce three different special edition beverages to ensure that, even if you’ve never jumped from a helicopter to ski down a mountain, or taken out the most vile super villains to ever walk the earth, you too can save the world (and your tastebuds) like Bond.

Belvedere Special Edition Bottles:

2555_0-310x310007 Spectre Bottle (SRP Varies): This special edition bottle features the iconic gun barrel and 007 gun logo. It will be available around the world in 70cl, 75cl, 1L and 1.75L sizes.

007 Silver Saber Bottle (SRP $149): The Silver Saber bottles are nothing short of iconic with their metallic design and for the fact that they light up. This bottle takes the signature Silver Saber design and gives it a special 007-twist and will only be released in 1.75L bottles.

th0f0umXsdhDOaAOzWhESsQRe7cTUc815d5_e4CThj4FaZq2bkUd4wDUpSe-3inxaOYcb1NbzMVILr-N483fDIThe Bollinger Spectre Limited Edition (SRP$229): This contains a unique Bollinger cuvée, exclusively released to celebrate the partnership. It is the only 2009 vintage that the iconic Champagne house will release, making it a must-have for champagne collectors and wannabe-spies alike. Inspired by the style and sophistication of the world of Bond, the bottle is encased in a limited edition chill box, designed by Carré Basset, which keeps the bottle chilled for two hours after refrigeration.

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qANxq7mbHZN2QN5Hmzi-rVJSubQQMZ7TbcOgwAEYwso-310x257The Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set (SRP $9,500): This is the definition of world-traveling, woman-wooing, pinkies-up refinement. The Bollinger Spectre Crystal Set is designed to house a Magnum and has only been produced in 307 numbered pieces. It weighs 30 pounds and measures two feet in height, and is a showcase for the real treasure inside, Bollinger R.D. 1988.

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