The Motorcycle Lover’s Gift Guide

motorcycle gear

Men ride motorcycles for the same reason they groom their beards, precisely marinade their steaks, and assemble a personalized wardrobe – it’s all about self-expression.

Sure, two-wheeled transport offers a few other thrills (you are straddling a friggin’ engine, after all), but looking the part is half the fun. Whether you’re riding a $20,000 Ducati or a hand-me-down Honda, you deserve to ride in style – safely. That’s why we’ve assembled a motorcycle gear guide in time for the holidays. Here are some worthy accessories to put on your wish list:

Arai Corsair X Helmet – $774

Arai Corsair X Helmet motorcycle gear

Arai is well-know for designing some of the safest helmets, but the Corsair-X is truly next-level. The egg-shaped design is meant to absorb the energy of up to four consecutive impacts, so if the worst is to happen, you know your noggin is safe. Improvements to comfort, visibility, and airflow (thanks to a new top-of-shell intake vent) make this one of the best helmets you can buy at any price point. With a wide variety of colors, graphics, and finishes, you can also customize the Corsair-X to suit your personal style.

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Sena 20S – $239

Sena 20S

Sena is by far the biggest name in Bluetooth equipment for motorcyclists and the company’s latest offering. Highlights include a massive 1.2-mile range, advanced Bluetooth 4.1, and a built-in FM radio tuner. The aerodynamic shape, intuitive dial functionality, and seamless pairing with multiple devices make the 20S a cinch to use. No longer will you need to memorize directions before hopping on the bike (even if your mind is a steel trap) – just link up your phone and get turn-by-turn navigation piped into your helmet. Bluetooth is more form than function, but when you aren’t worried about missing a call or missing an exit, you can focus on looking good and riding safely.

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Roland Sands Design Ronin Tobacco Leather – $620

roland sands design

Now we’re getting into some real fashion statements. There are many different types of moto jackets, but leather is by far the most iconic style. Roland Sands Design makes just about any bike or accessory look good, but the Ronin is especially eye-catching. This Café Racer style jacket is made from 0.9mm-1.2mm thick hand finished and waxed cowhide and ages beautifully the more you wear it. The Ronin can be beefed up with armor or left as-is for a slim physique. Whichever way you rock it, this is one handsome, durable jacket.

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Icon Pursuit Stealth Perforated Leather – $70

Icon Mens Perforated Pursuit Stealth Street Motorcyle Gloves

You may be tempted to ride without gloves, but that’s probably because you’ve never seen a stylish pair before. Icon’s Pursuit Stealth perforated leather gloves have a clean, sophisticated design that will boost any outfit (and keep your hands safe). Cuffed at the base of the hand, these gloves are easy to slide on and won’t bunch up beneath a jacket sleeve. Made from 100% sheepskin leather construction with goatskin overlays, they’re also supremely comfortable and warm.

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TCX Hero WP Boots – $224

TCX Hero WP Boots

Motorcycle boots have a tendency to look, well…awful. For some reason, the transition from casual to rider footwear is rough. Yes, reinforcement and durability must be integrated, but why throw style out the window? Fortunately, TCX gets it. The company offers a wide variety of boot styles, but our favorite is the Hero Waterproof in Vintage brown leather. Ergonomic, rugged, and damn good-looking, these boots are ready for anything. Best of all, you won’t be in a hurry to change out of them the moment you hop off your hog.

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Rokker Iron Selvage Denim – $499

Rokker Iron Selvage Denim

All right, hear us out for a moment. Motorcycle pants may sound gimmicky and unnecessary, but the extra protection is worth it – especially when there are stylish options like the Iron Selvage Denim from Rokker. Slim fit, tapered leg, and Selvage style, these pants look nothing like the bulky fabric moto pants you’re probably used to seeing. Rokker has been known to make some weird pants with even weirder stitching, but this style nails the mark. Only you will know you’re wearing leg armor; to everyone else, you just look like a Selvage denim dynamo.

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