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How to watch 2024’s Formula E racing season

Formula E 2024 - how to watch

FIA Formula E racing advances the development of tires made from sustainable materials.
Fia Formula E / FIA Formula E

The 10th Formula E all-electric single-seat open car racing calendar season begins in Mexico City on January 13. If you’ve been watching Formula E Unplugged highlights of the 2021 through 2023 competitions, it’s time to get ready to watch this season’s Formula E races. Depending on where you live, there are different ways to watch Formula E racing.

Two formula e race cars on the track.

Why watching Formula E racing matters

Formula E is the only global motorsport founded to demonstrate that green mobility doesn’t mean the end of racing. FIA president Jean Toldt and Spanish businessman Alejandro Agag jotted the initial ideas for Formula E on a napkin and pulled it together for the season that bridged 2014 and 2015. This year is the 10th season of Formula E racing, and the sport is growing fast, with team participation from significant factories, including Porshe, Jaguar, Maserati, Jaguar, and McLaren. Eleven teams, with two drivers per team, compete in this season’s Formula E racing schedule in 16 races at ten different racing circuits worldwide.

Formula E may be the only motorsport conceived specifically for zero-emissions racing, but other motorsports are getting greener. The FIA F1 racing regulations began specifying hybrid engines in 2014, and subsequent generations of F1 power units show a movement toward eventual non-fossil fuels with net zero carbon load from all aspects of motorsports. So, one of the best reasons to watch Formula E racing is that Formula E represents where motorsports are heading for the future.

Formula E World Championship races.
Courtesy Formula E / Formula E

How to watch Formula E

In the U.S., we have only one way to watch Formula E Qualifying sessions and E-Prix races live (assuming we’re not actually at the race location). There are several ways to watch entire replays or highlights of whole races. You can also watch the two free practice sessions live before each E-Prix.

Watching all Formula E events live, including the E-Prix

If you live in the U.S., the only way to watch all Formula E content live this season is on the Roku Formula E channel on a Roku device or with a Roku account. You can also watch Formula E Unplugged and other Formula E content on the Roku Channel, including past seasons and educational material about Formula E, the teams, and the drivers. The same restriction applies to watching the Formula E qualifying races to decide starting positions for the E-Prix.

FIA Formula E racing shows that world the excitement of sustainable automotive competition.
FIA Formula E / Fia Formula E

Watching Formula E replays and highlights shows

You can’t watch the Qualifying session or E-Prix live if you don’t have a Roku account or access to a Roku device. Still, you can watch the two Free Practice sessions live on the Formula E YouTube Channel, on the Formula E website race center page, or with the Formula E app. Highlight shows of all Formula E E-Prix are also broadcast on the CBS Sports Network.

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