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The Ford Project T3 electric truck: What we know so far

This is what we know about Ford's mysterious new EV

A ford F150 driving through rugged terrain.
Ford Motor Company / Ford Motor Company

Some might think that Ford is being left behind in the EV market despite its impressively successful F-150 lightning electric vehicle. This is far from the case, with Ford CEO Jim Farley confirming during the launch of the F-150 Lightening that Ford already had a new electric vehicle truck to match competitors in the works. This new Ford project is being publicly referred to as “Project T3,” an acronym meaning “Trust The Truck.” 

From what we can see, the Ford electric truck will receive some branding from the F-Series, but it will be in its own league among other trucks. Yet, with so little information released, how will you know if this EV truck is right for you? Read on to learn what we know so far about The Ford Project T3 electric truck. 

The Ford Project T3 electric truck’s platform might not be a secret

2024 Ford F-150 Lariat pickup truck front left three-quarter view parked on grass in front of trees.
Ford Motor Co. / Ford Motor Co.

Interestingly, Road & Track recently uncovered a Ford modular electric vehicle platform patent in January 2024, which was granted that same month. There are some suspicions that this platform belongs to the Ford Project T3 electric truck since Ford included the model F-150 Lightning as one of its submitted patent drawings before much was known about it. Some enthusiasts deduce that this could be the direction in which the new model is headed. 

This new system will look almost the same as GM’s Ultium platform: it will have a plug-in-and-play electric motor, rear and front suspension units, the ability to accommodate varying wheelbases and a battery component in the center. 

The electric vehicle specs in the Ford Project T3 are looking impressive

Charging a Ford F-150 Lightning EV with a Level 2 wall charger in a garage.
Ford / Ford

As of the time of writing, no specifics regarding the Project T3 specs have been released, with Ford keeping much about the electric vehicle’s features close to heart. However, many expect the new Ford electric vehicle truck to feature the following:

  • Faster charging.
  • The latest edition of Blue Cruise hands-free driving.
  • A digital platform allowing the vehicle to receive over-the-air software updates.
  • Greater charging capabilities when charging at home charging stations.
  • greater range than the Lightning model – so about 320 miles on a single charge. 

Additionally, one exciting tidbit from Ford is that the truck will be “incredibly quick,” which could likely suggest that it may be faster than the model F-150 Lightning. The Lightning can reach 0-60 mph speeds in only 4.0 seconds, so we can only imagine what this new model will achieve.

Frunk storage on the electric F-Series looks to be innovative

Auto Ford F-150
Mil-Spec Automotive / Ford

In December 2023, Motor Trend discovered a patent application showing storage solutions for an electric pickup’s frunk. This patent application included drawings depicting cubbies to store tools or other objects and, more notably, an integrated front fascia slide-out drawer. 

However, this design does not match the current F-150 Lightning design. Therefore, a safe assumption is that this patented design would be for Ford’s next-generation electric pickup. 

Production of the Ford Project T3 won’t be a problem

Ford F-150 Lightning at Ford's Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in a factory with bright lights in the back.

Once the model F-150 Lightning was released, Ford faced a surge in public interest. The company had initially planned to manufacture 40,000 Lightnings per year; however, they ended up with roughly 200,000 reservations prior to ending the reservation process. This was above what they could comfortably accommodate. 

Fortunately, no such problem will exist with the production of Project T3s since Ford’s new Blue Oval City manufacturing plant will be capable of producing 500,000 electric vehicles annually. As for a release date, there is no hint about when the model will hit dealerships, but some sources say it will be as late as 2026. 

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