The Dynamiq GTT 165 Foiling Superyacht Is the Toy Boat You Deserve

There are boats, and there are yachts. And then there are superyachts. Most mortal men would be happy with a Bayliner and a cooler full of Sierra Nevada. Others (we’re talking social media moguls and anyone ever profiled on American Greed) need more — a lot more. Enter Dynamiq.

The Dynamiq GTT 165 Foiling Superyacht is a 165-foot pleasure craft for the 1 percent of 1 percenters — a ship whose manufacturer peppers its marketing literature with words like “uncompromising.” It’s hard to disagree. The GTT line, the flagship entry in Dynamiq’s eye-popping line-up of yachts,is available in a 5- or 6-cabin layout with a 65-foot sundeck, a high-tech cinema lounge with a 75-inch outdoor TV, a beautiful bar, a Jacuzzi, and either a gym or spa —your call.

More than just a pretty face, the GTT 165 also packs a boatload (get it?) of clever, high-tech gadgetry under the hood. Dynamiq worked with hydrodynamic specialists to create a first-of-its-kind hull. The design features two underwater foils that lift that yacht out of the water as it increases its speed. As this decreases contact with the surface of the water, it simultaneously decreases drag and boosts fuel efficiency.

The vessel is capable of a top speed of 20 knots (25 if you spring for the beefier GTS model). For you land folk, that’s just under 30 miles per hour. While that may not seem like a “breakneck” clip, keep in mind this is a 165-foot long behemoth. For trips across the Atlantic Ocean, the GTT can sustain 17 knots. Plus, a hybrid propulsion system coupled with a rooftop solar panel array allows it to remain at anchor overnight with zero emissions and in total silence.

Dynamiq is an ultra-luxury, Monaco-based shipbuilder. They’re credited as the first-ever manufacturer to design an entire category of all-aluminum, sport cruising superyachts capable of greater than 20-knot speeds and a 3,000-mile range. The entirely new class of yacht was dubbed Gran Turismo Transatlantic (hence “GTT”).

The price tag? The “entry-level” GTT 165 starts at €24,400,000 (approximately USD $29.6 million). While that doesn’t include taxes, delivery fees, or the European models in the brochure, it still feels like a steal. Don’t forget to set aside an extra quarter-mil for a proper “dinghy.”

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