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Stop What You’re Doing and Customize Your Dream Land Rover Defender

Arkonik Land Rover
Arkonik is driven by a single goal: keeping Land Rover Defenders alive and well through handmade restoration, modernization, and customization.

Over the last decade, the Arkonik team has traveled all over Europe looking for these timeless and seminal machines to rehabilitate and resell to in North America (yes, these puppies will get pass customs). Founded in 2007, the England-based company has since become specialists in the trade with three unique options.

Arkonik Land Rover
Arkonik/Facebook Arkonik/Facebook

The Arkonik’s Origins collection offers both the two-door, short-wheelbase Defender 90 and the bigger, stout-hearted Defender 110. A special line of Editions is “extensive back catalogue,” according to the company. Via the Bespoke option, you can completely customize the Defender 90 or 110 you’ve always fancied and pile on some additions to make the vehicle truly yours.

The best part? Even if you aren’t in the market for a new car — the Defender 90 and Defender 110 start out at $99,999 and $110,000, respectively  — you can still play with the Origins online tool and virtually build your dream Land Rover.

Arkonik Land Rover
Arkonik/Facebook Arkonik/Facebook

First, it’s time for the basics. You can pick from a selection of exterior paint colors, interiors, tires, rims, grilles, bumpers — you name it, and Arkonik has options.

The comes the fun stuff. Arkonik also provides a plethora of amenities that can turn your desired Defender into reality, from Front Runner roof racks for easy gear transportation to fully loaded off-road kits for adventure into the wild. The customization process allows you to craft a Land Rover that best suits you and your lifestyle (or dreams).

Arkonik Land Rover
Arkonik/Facebook Arkonik/Facebook

Other add-ons include storage space, bespoke interiors, modernized driver technology, and performance upgrades — for extra moolah, of course. But you can’t price on nostalgia with contemporary flare, can you?

If you’re serious about snagging one of these custom jobs, get started now, because Arkonik has a turnover time of about 16 months.

Feature image courtesy of Arkonik/Facebook.

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