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More than just the cars, Bugatti expands after-sales customer service

Bugatti is undergoing major expansion of worldwide after-sales service .

BUGATTI After Sales team focuses on Chiron and Veyron as greatest current opportunity.
Bugatti announced a major expansion and enhancements for after-sales customer service.  Bugatti’s recent Tourbillon launch, which followed soon after the Bolide and W16 Mistral began production, underscored the need to address improving Bugatti’s customer experience after taking delivery of a car.

A new Bugatti customer service team is focused on providing new levels of customer experience with the expanding Bugatti road-going fleet. But another way, there are going to be more Bugattis on the road so service needs to expand. With Bugatti, a company obsessed with perfection in everything it does, the challenge isn’t just adding more of what currently exists.

Why is Bugatti expanding after-sales service

Bugatti's after sales team focusing on service and support for Chiron and Veyron.
“As we venture into the era of Bolide and W16 Mistral and start to prepare for the newly unveiled Tourbillon, equipped with our first ever naturally aspirated V16 engine and electric powertrain, our fleet of cars is expected to expand significantly,” said Alexis Ploix, Bugatti’s Director of Aftersales and Customer Service.

“With a projection of 1,200 cars on the road in 2026 – the key to the brand’s continued success is ensuring that our global aftersales and customer service teams are equipped to accommodate this surge and that their facilities are adjusted to new technologies such as the Tourbillon’s V16 hybrid powertrain,” Ploix continued.

Bugatti did not mention how many of its cars are currently on the road, but Ploix stating that there may be a total global count of 1,200 cars by 2026 indicates that the current registered and driven fleet doesn’t number in the four-figure range.

You may be surprised at the size of the Bugatti fleet. I was, but it makes sense. Bugatti builds limited-edition hypercars. Because current Bugatti starting prices are in the millions of dollars, many owners may not prefer to expose them to the hazards of chance by driving them on public roads, instead treating them as investments and treasured works of art. Most older Bugattis are unquestionably safe in museums or kept by private collectors.

What Bugatti’s expanded after-sales service looks like

Bugatti Chiron and Veyron comprise the majority of Bugattis on the road now.According to Bugatti, today, there are “just six exclusive Bugatti Service Partners of Excellence” other than the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France. Note that describing a facility where a few cars at a time are handbuilt by artisans as a factory feels somehow wrong.

Additional service partners are trained to complete normal service, but Bugatti did not mention that number. Note that describing a facility where a few cars at a time are handbuilt by artisans as a factory feels somehow wrong. However, other than transporting your Bugatti to the mothership in France, those six Partners of Excellence are the only places in the world to get help with your Bugatti if you have a serious problem. Indeed, it sounds like there’s a need for more.

Bugatti’s plan for expanded service includes training an additional 15 of its company-prepared standard service centers to complete more advanced service levels requiring greater technical skills and expertise. Bugatti will continue to train more service technicians. One of the company’s unique challenges is that Bugatti-approved service facilities must be able to work with every existing model, not just the current or recent cars.

Bugatti is also going to increase its capabilities for refurbishing current and older models to assist owners who want to preserve their investments or personalize their cars. Much of the work in Bugatti service centers worldwide will be with Chiron and Veyron models, the most recently completed limited editions. Bugatti’s plans also include all past and future Bugatti vehicles.

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