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Bentley opens the order book with 20-car limited Bentayga Apex Edition

Bentley's highest performance SUV gets bespoke treatment for a special few drivers

Bentayga Apex Edition limited edition of just 20 cars right front three-quarter view parked on a dirt track.
Bentley / Bentley

The bar for Bentley SUVs is so high that the upcoming limited Bentayga Apex Edition by Mulliner nearly defies imagination. Only 20 versions of the bespoke SUV will be commissioned globally. Buyers can define their Apex Edition based on one of six curated Mulliner themes or work directly with Mulliner’s design team on a unique statement.

Why the Bentley Bentayga Apex Edition matters

Bentayga Apex Edition limited edition of just 20 cars interior shot of two color upholstery and accents.
Bentley / Bentley

The Bentayga Apex Edition by Mulliner builds on the Bentayga S, the performance flagship of Bentley’s luxurious SUV line, adding custom exterior treatment, unique interiors, a carbon body kit, carbon-ceramic brakes, and 22-inch carbon wheels. Bentley’s limited offering also encompasses an exclusive offer for a limited number of Bentley Continental GT and GTC Le Mans Edition vehicle owners. The rarest of the rare will be a Bentayga Apex Edition with trim and finishes that match those of the special edition Continentals.

What the Bentley Apex Edition includes

Bentayga Apex Edition limited edition of just 20 cars rounding a curve on a dirt road with fields and mountains in the background.
Bentley / Bentley

The Bentayga S powertrain power unit is a twin-scroll turbocharged 4.0-lite V8 engine that creates 542 horsepower and 568 lb-ft of torque. This engine yields a 4.4-second run-up from 0-to-60 mph and a top speed of 180 mph. Standard rear-wheel steering and Bentley Dynamic active anti-roll control add to the SUV’s agile handling characteristics. The Bentayga S propels with alacrity, with an audible chorus from an unrestricted sports exhaust.

The Apex Edition’s 22-inch carbon wheels save 24 kg (about 53 pounds) of weight, which improves steering response and increases braking power. The brakes’ Carbon-Silicon-Carbide (CSiC) discs cut another 20 kg (44 pounds) compared to conventional discs. The combined savings of nearly 100 pounds may seem a minor win, but the significance is more in where the weight is reduced than the reduction in relationship to the vehicle. With the lighter wheels and rotors, the Apex Edition brakes will have a maximum braking torque of 4,425 lb-ft and function at temperatures up to 1,832 degrees Fahrenheit.

With unique design and added performance capabilities, each example of the 20 Bentayga Apex Edition by Mulliner SUVs will be an enviable example of automotive expression.

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