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Audi expands the e-tron GT family for 2025 with three new models

Audi's 2025 e-tron GT lineup gives buyers three blends of luxury and performance

Audi S e-tron GT quattro, RS e-tron GT, and RS e-tron GT Performance..
Audi EV sales are going so well that the company just announced an expanded lineup for the 2025 Audi e-tron GT family. Audi’s 2024 lineup included the Audi e-tron GT Quattro, which Audi introduced in 2021. For 2025, however, EV buyers can choose from the Audi S e-tron GT, the Audi RS e-tron GT, and the Audi RSe-tron GT performance. That last variant, Audi’s first BEV performance model, puts out 912 horsepower.

Why Audi’s e-tron GT models matter

Audi S e-tron GT left profile parked with hills in the background.
This year is turning out to be tricky for all-electric vehicle development as Toyota continues to boost the practical aspects of hybrids, GM cuts back planned EV production, and Ford makes the case for gas, hybrid, and BEV powertrains of different target markets. However, Audi isn’t the only company doing well with EVs, as BMW sets U.S. sales records due to its EV models. Audi’s Q-series SUV e-tron models get a lot of notice, but going big and expanding its all-electric sedan lineup with the three e-tron GTs is a bold move. This strategy could be used by Audi to make a statement, except the automaker began the fiscal year happy with the profits from EVs.

The three 2025 Audi e-tron GT models

Audi S e-tron GT right front corner.
It’s beyond the scope of this news article to get very deep into the common feature set of Audi’s 2025 e-tron GT series and the factors that make each variant unique. The 2025 e-tron GTs will all have new suspensions to mitigate comfort and performance, as well as platform-wide improvements in range and charging.

According to Audi, the Audi S e-tron GT balances elegance and sportiness. It has a combined 670 horsepower from its front and rear axle motors and can go from 0-to-100 km/h (62.2 mph) in 3.4 seconds. The RS e-tron GT leans more toward the sporty side of the equation, with 844 combined horsepower and a 0-to-100 km/h in 2.8 seconds. The RS e-tron GT performance model puts its 912 hp down for a 2.5-second trip to 100 km/h.

The new e-tron GTs will also benefit from greater range and faster charging thanks to the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture jointly developed by Audi and Porsche. Audi states the e-tron GT will have a range of up to 378 miles, based on the WLTP European rating system, and can regain up to 174 miles of range with just 10 minutes of charging.

Customers can order the 2025 Audi e-tron GT models now. U.S. pricing is not yet available, but the dollar equivalent starting prices for the three e-tron GT variants are:

  • 2025 Audi S e-tron GT, $135,289
  • 2025 Audi RS e-tron GT, $158,393
  • 2025 Audi RS e-tron GT performance, $172,353
Audi S e-tron GT left rear corner.
Audi / Audi
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