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Vipp Shelter Hotel Is a ‘Human Charging Station’ in the Remote Swedish Wilderness

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For all the time we humans spend insulating ourselves with the trappings of modern, digital life, it seems more and more that we’re also looking to escape those same “conveniences.” Now, one Danish company is rethinking the idea of a proper digital detox by updating the traditional cabin-on-the-lake getaway in the most Scandinavian way possible.

The Vipp Shelter Hotel is a series of prefabricated structures placed in remote locations throughout Sweden. The steel and glass boxes feature a sleek, minimalist design that’s clever enough to stay out of its own way. Floor-to-ceiling windows run the entire width of the house, offering sweeping views of the country’s pristine wilderness and lakes. The pared-down, black-on-black decor eschews any non-essential elements or frilly accents. It’s everything you need, nothing you don’t.

Of course, this doesn’t mean guests should expect to live like ascetic monks during their visit. Every shelter is outfitted with the necessary creature comforts. There’s a simple, comfortable bedroom with wide skylights, a well-equipped kitchen at the center of the unit, and a relaxed living area with a wood-burning fireplace. More important is what you won’t find at the Vipp Shelter Hotel: a television, computer, clocks, or Wi-Fi. Here, you won’t — you can’t — descend into the push-notification-fueled feedback loop of Facebook, Instagram, and a 24-hour political news cycle. It’s pure, disconnected bliss. Think of it as a Faraday Cage for your soul.

Not long ago, it was easy to go hours — even days — without Internet access. Now, we’re addicted to our smartphones and ever-present Wi-Fi. So, it’s no surprise we’re craving truly off-grid getaways. A handful of U.S. companies already offer digital detox solutions. FreeHouse is one of our favorites. Think of it as Airbnb for off-grid accommodations where you can book remote cabins, isolated yurts, and private desert canyon homes far from civilization. GlampingHub provides similar accommodations, with an albeit more luxury slant.

Given the Scandinavian culture’s naturally calm demeanor and fact that they’re routinely ranked among the happiest people in the world, they’re clearly onto something.

Vipp Shelter Hotel is bookable directly through the Vipp website with rates starting at €600 (USD $740) per night for up to two adults.

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