Vacation Like a Local with Wonderful Italy

If you’re anything like us, you try your best to avoid looking, acting and sounding like a tourist when traveling. Because the true beauty of any unknown place always comes to light when you experience it like a local. As we’re always on the hunt for the latest guide that steers away from the mainstream tourist attractions and deep into the heart of places and experiences residents consider a normal part of daily life, we were thrilled when the good people at The Lifestyle Journal created Wonderful Italy. With a focus on slow living, The Lifestyle Journal is about surrounding yourself with simple, well-done objects, true friends and good cooking, fully aware and one step ahead in realizing these pleasures represent true modern luxury. Their guide to discovering Italy in the most authentic way possible is the epitome of this notion.

Divided into six sections – seas, mountains, lakes, islands, countryside and art cities – Wonderful Italy explores each destination’s most charming hotels, restaurants and sites, perfect for the adventurous traveler looking for an authentic experience that strays from the excessively touristic. Accompanied by the most beautiful photos that will make you weak in the knees, you will be temped to buy a plane ticket to the boot the second you open the cover. The guide also includes a section profiling a selection of brands that represent the best of Italian style: a mix of elegance, sophistication, luxury and love of craftsmanship.

Small enough to stash in your pocket, this incredible little guide is a great place to start when planning your Italian getaway. Add your own memos and mementos to the Travel Notes section in the back to truly make it your own. To learn more, visit

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