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Tumi vs Monos: Who makes better luggage in 2024?

Man holding Tumi luggage by the handle.

If you’re planning to take a trip, you’ll need luggage. Depending on where you’re going and how you’re traveling, you’ll also want that luggage to be durable since the cargo handlers at the airport are not nice to bags. Sure, you can go with cheap options from department stores or the local retailer, but nothing compares to genuine products from some of the hottest luggage brands on the market, like Tumi or Monos. If you’ve settled on one of these two brands, a Tumi or Monos comparison will help you make the final choice, and that’s precisely what we’ve put together here. Let’s discuss.

Tumi vs Monos luggage: Who wins?

The Tumi Medium Trip Packing Case on a white background.

You may be surprised that there is no clear winner in the Tumi or Monos debate. It depends on what you want and what budget you have set. We recommend Monos luggage because of its sleek designs, premium materials, high build quality, and competitive pricing. However, you can’t go wrong with luggage from either brand, so you wouldn’t be making a poor choice if you pick out a Tumi bag to travel with.


Monos is the winner, bar none if you’re interested in price alone. Its options are much more affordable, especially considering the advantages of the brand’s products. As a quick comparison, Monos Carry-Ons start at $246 and top out at $345, while Tumi Carry-Ons start at $695 and top out at $4,500 for its most durable, titanium shell option. Both brands have similar designs, and the color variations are plentiful. But pound-for-pound, it’s tough to argue with that lower price. Not to mention, Monos regularly features some great deals and discounts, so you can save even more if you buy at the right time.


A side-by-side comparison of Tumi and Monos luggage reveals remarkably similar features. Both brands offer functional, highly durable options, with Tumi being the more premium of the two in many cases. Here’s what you can expect:

  • A durable, hard exterior shell
  • An adjustable telescopic handle
  • TSA-approved locks
  • High-performance wheels
  • Interior compression system for storage and organization
  • Interior accessories like a clothes hanger or anti-microbial laundry bag

Of course, not everything is identical. Tumi offers premium luggage made of hard case materials like titanium, which is a bit tougher than the usual polycarbonate. Tumi also has a broader selection of luggage options and styles, from compact and international carry-ons to short-trip and extended-trip full-size luggage. You can plan accordingly to match your trip with either brand, although Tumi ultimately has the better selection.

Moreover, while some brands offer limited organization inside, Tumi and Monos take it seriously. Inside either, you’ll find compression straps, extra storage flaps, mesh pockets, zippered dividers, and more — like Tumi’s clothes hangers. These two brands should be a top choice for anyone who likes to keep their away gear organized and neat. The comparison in this category is more even-keeled, which should be no surprise.

Build Quality

Both brands feature a durable hard shell made of varying materials like polycarbonate, metals, and titanium. Performance-built wheels, a sturdy telescopic handle, and tough straps and zippers are also onboard, all things that might be prone to failure in other luggage options, but not here. It doesn’t matter if you go with Tumi luggage or Monos luggage, your new bag will go the distance and can take a beating.


Both brands use minimalistic, modern designs that are decidedly beautiful. Tumi’s designs are much more inspired and come in various styles. There are more traditional designs with nondescript colors and contours and more flashy designs, like Tumi’s titanium line or international-friendly travel bags. Monos bags are slightly more muted in color, but there is a good selection of options — enough to find your favorite tones. Want a green or pink suitcase? Yes, that’s available.

Tumi luggage is streamlined, and there are some more manageable configurations. For example, they can be carried in several ways, like a duffel or rolled. Bags from both brands will nestle almost perfectly inside an overhead bin without taking up too much extra space — they are TSA-approved designs.


Monos offers a limited lifetime warranty versus Tumi’s exclusive five-year coverage. As long as you’re the original purchaser of the luggage, you’re covered from cracks or breaks in the shell, the breakage of wheels or handles, broken zippers, and non-functional fabric tears. Neither brand covers damage from abuse or mistreatment, so you’ll still want to take good care of your bags. However, Tumi will cover repair costs for damage caused by normal wear and tear, poor airline handling, or other transit damage during your first year of ownership.

Comparing the two brands, Tumi has the better warranty coverage, at least for your first year of ownership. Monos, on the other hand, offers extended coverage that Tumi does not.

Travel the world and pack the way you want to

Monos luggage in the wild

We’ve said it before, and we’ll repeat it, looking at a Tumi or Monos comparison and expecting to find a winner that stands head and shoulders above the other is a bit silly. They’re excellent brands with exquisite designs, high build quality, and great features. The biggest difference is that Monos luggage is much more affordable, and they also have regular deals and promotions, so you can save more money and put it towards your trip(s).

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