Higher, Faster, Longer: The World’s 4 Most Extreme Zip Lines

Zipline-Wales, most extreme ziplines

Our world has fast become one of “-est’s” — we’re all about the fastest, biggest, longest, highest. This applies to just about every adventure sport, but even more so for ziplining. If you’re an adrenalin junkie and need an (extra) reason to visit any of the destinations below, here are the four most extreme ziplines on the planet.

World’s Longest Zipline: El Monstruo (Puerto Rico)


In 2016, Guinness World Records confirmed the world’s longest zipline in Orocovis, Puerto Rico. Located at Toro Verde Adventure Park, the line sits 1,200 feet above the ground and measures a whopping 8,300 feet long (that’s more than 1.5 miles of cable). Riders reach speeds of up to 95 mph face first and receive a flight certificate upon completion. The zipline’s name? El Monstruo (“The Monster”), of course.

World’s Fastest Zipline: Wales (UK)


The title of “fastest” zipline is a bone of contention among zipline architects and no one has yet to definitively crown a winner. But, Zip World Velocity touts itself as Europe’s longest zipline and the fastest in the world. Novice riders can first bolster their skills and steel their nerves on the Little Zipper line — the little brother to ZWV’s flagship Big Zipper. The latter takes riders on a 100 mph face-first thrill ride over a beautiful rock quarry in Bethesda, Wales. The mountain views are spectacular, assuming you can freeze-frame the blur of scenery long enough to take it all in.

World’s Highest Zipline: La Tyrolienne (France)


The Savoie region in the French Alps is among the most beautiful ski destinations in Europe. But, if carving the slopes just isn’t enough for you, the La Tyrolienne boasts the title of the world’s highest zipline. The ride connects the peaks of two neighboring ski resorts — Orelle and Val Thorens — with a launch point that sits at an elevation of 10,597 feet. Riders reach speeds of more than 60 mph, and the entire trip lasts less than two minutes, but the views are undoubtedly the best of any on this list.

World’s Longest Roller Coaster Zipline: TreeTop Crazy Rider (Australia)

If you’ve never heard of a “roller coaster” zipline, you’re forgiven. This relative newcomer to the zipline game is just now gaining popularity. Australia’s TreeTop Crazy Rider is touted as the world’s longest roller coaster zipline. Located in the rugged Ourimbah State Forest, the ride combines the thrill of traditional ziplining with the twists and turns of a roller coaster via a purpose-built track that zigzags through the surrounding forest landscape. The one-kilometer Xtreme line lasts only 90 seconds but boasts four 360-degree loops, a 540-degree loop, and steep drops to keep things plenty interesting.