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Michelob Wants to Pay You $50K to Explore the U.S. National Parks

Although low-calorie craft beers have come a long way in the last decade, most beer snobs turn their noses up at these so-called “healthy” options. But, most beer snobs will also agree that getting paid to travel for six months in a tricked-out campervan sounds pretty awesome, no matter what beer they bring for the ride. Enter the new Michelob Ultra Pure Gold CEO contest.

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This month, Michelob Ultra put out the call for a new CEO. Unlike most executive head honcho positions, however, this “Chief Exploration Officer” requires only a love of beer, some basic driving skills, and a willingness to spend six months exploring the U.S. National Parks in depth. Tentative stops include Joshua Tree, Yosemite, and Big Bend. Michelob will provide the winner of the Pure Gold CEO contest with a full-featured, self-contained campervan, all the gas required for their trip, and plenty of beer to boot. In addition to covering most trip-related expenses, the beermaker will also pay the new CEO a handsome $50,000 salary. They’re welcome to bring a guest, too (including a friend, partner, or even a dog), so the trip is more of a fun, shared journey than a sad, “drinking alone in a campervan in the desert” experience.

In return, all Michelob asks is that qualified applicants be willing to hike as deep and as far as possible to score the best nature photos and video along the way. The winner is expected to share their captures on Michelob’s social media accounts. To get to the best spots, the winner will, of course, need to be a strong self-starter with a good sense of direction, in case the GPS stops working along the way.


The Michelob Ultra Pure Gold CEO contest is the next in a long line of similar “executive job hunts” from social-media-savvy beer and travel brands. In 2017, World of Beer sought a paid “Drink It Intern” to roam the United States. That year, Cancun also put out the call for a new CEO or “Cancun Experience Officer.” In 2019, travel facilitator Noken sought a CEO (“Cultural Exploration Officer”) as well. All of these required nothing more than a willingness to travel for months on end, take photos and video for social media, and receive a generous stipend along the way.

To enter, head to to fill out some basic personal details, show off your nature photography skills, and pitch yourself in 500 characters or less. Applications must be submitted by September 30, 2020.

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