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Customers think these are the best airlines, according to a J.D. Power report

JD Power says these are the airlines customers like best in 2024

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Air travel lets you cover thousands of miles in mere hours, opening the door to destinations far and wide. Sometimes, that can be a hectic experience, with crowded boarding lines and cramped overhead bins. Subpar service makes it even worse. When that happens, taking a flight is more a test of endurance than a comfortable ride, and you can’t wait to exit the plane. 

On a full flight, a gracious staff makes all the difference, ready to lend a hand and ensure you have what you need. Some airlines do that better than others. 

Recently, trusted consumer research firm JD Power conducted a study that gauged airline passenger satisfaction in North America. The results show how investing in people goes a long way. Here are the results.

All about the JD Power 2024 North America Airline Satisfaction Study

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When it comes to consumer research, JD Power leads the way in thorough, dependable data. The firm analyzes customer satisfaction across multiple industries, like automotive, travel & hospitality, and insurance. Study results help guide consumers in making the best decisions. The company’s 2024 North American Airline Satisfaction Study provides info for a better air travel experience. 

The survey occurred between March 2023 and March 2024, with 9,582 passengers responding. Each needed to have flown on a North American airline in the prior month. 

Customers rated airlines on a 6-point scale across seven categories, including (alphabetically):

  • Airline staff
  • Digital tools
  • Ease of travel
  • Level of trust
  • On-board experience
  • Pre/post-flight experience
  • Value for price paid

Further, the study tabulated traveler satisfaction across three seating classes: 

  • First/business
  • Premium economy
  • Economy/basic economy

The best airlines for an easy, comfortable trip

Delta Airlines airplane flying
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JD Power found the areas that matter most to passengers across three seating classes. The results show how investing in people gives customers a better experience at 30,000 feet.

Key takeaways from the study were customers’ focus on ease of travel, media coverage, and interpersonal interactions. More than anything, fliers value trust and ease of travel, despite ticket prices remaining high. Next, negative media coverage can drastically affect the perception of an airline. Lastly, airlines that invest in people — like Southwest and Delta — score much higher in areas involving passenger interactions.

In the first/business segment, Delta won with a score of 743. Jet Blue was second, with a tally of 736.

Premium economy travelers again ranked Delta first, with 716 points. Next were Alaska Airlines (687) and American Airlines (684).

For the third year in a row, Southwest won the economy/basic economy segment, scoring 685 points. Second and third were Delta Airlines (651) and Allegiant Air (633). 

Air travel is indispensable to get where you need to go. You can travel from the west coast to the east coast in hours, not days, saving time and energy. But an airplane can be a tense environment, especially with moody passengers or inattentive service. JD Power’s new study shows how people make all the difference, with customer-oriented staff easing the strain of hours on a plane. So, when you want an easy flight, with people who care, the winners in this survey are the way to go. 

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The study
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To ensure a comprehensive representation of pricing trends, both peak and non-peak departure dates were considered. The costs were then averaged to determine one-way ticket prices for both economy and first-class seating. It's important to note that the study excluded U.S. airlines that do not offer first-class or lacked sufficient data on the analyzed routes.
Delta Air Lines first class
Delta Air Lines emerged as the front-runner in the study, but with a caveat - it charges the highest premiums for first-class tickets. Passengers opting for first class can expect to pay $284.55 more for a one-way ticket compared to economy. Despite the premium, Delta Air Lines has recently upped its game by introducing new first-class seats with privacy partitions, adjustable neck cushions, and additional storage space, making it a competitive choice for those willing to splurge.
Alaska Airlines first class
Alaska Airlines stands out not only for its high first-class ticket price differences ($281.25) but also for its unique amenities. The airline goes above and beyond by serving food in its first-class cabins on flights as short as 550 miles. This catering to shorter flights sets Alaska Airlines apart from most other legacy carriers that typically reserve in-flight dining for journeys longer than 900 miles.
United Airlines first class
United First Class offers a more budget-friendly option for travelers looking to experience first-class comfort without breaking the bank. With a price difference of approximately $250.23 between economy and first class, United Airlines provides an enticing opportunity to enjoy an elevated flying experience.
American Airlines first class: The Most Affordable Deal
Among the airlines studied, American Airlines first class is the clear winner in terms of affordability for travel. Passengers can expect to pay just $235.85 more for a one-way first-class ticket compared to economy. This makes American Airlines an attractive choice for those seeking a premium experience without a hefty price tag.
Average Premium for first class
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